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Integration as a Means to Ground and the Common Escapism of New Age Meditation Technologies

Buddhism, as well as common New Age philosophies, seem to work toward a similar but overall divided goal. That goal is an escape of our full potential to achieve a sense of false wholeness popularly known as enlightenment. The various methodologies of meditation promote escape. In the case of Buddhism, this escape occurs by focusing solely on the physical experience and denying our thoughts in order to train oneself toward an “enlightened” state of awareness. Including New Age technologies, they tend to lead consciousness in an altered and enticing ethereal experience far beyond the grounding that we must not ignore while incarnated on this planet.  These two examples are opposite methods on the spectrum to achieve a goal of enlightenment, I see this type of so-called enlightenment as false integration and escaping. To authentically reach integration and wholeness in who each of us truly is, one must find a balance of grounding and assimilating. This balance explores the vast reaches w

Coming Out of the Law of One Religion (Interview)

I participated in nice talk/interview with a good friend Theresa Talea to discuss my thoughts and feelings about the Law of One religion. I enjoy our flow and inward contemplation of this topic and encourage everyone interested to check out Talea's website here  for more information on her work . Description from Theresa Talea: This is a brief but informative interview with a good friend who came out of the Law of One religion that typically has its believers say, "We are all One." As with many of us, it took him several years to discern his intuitive knowing among what he was told as "truth" in his New Age and Buddhist teachings. Now, he shares some insights about how his true self is different than what the Law of One says. I love our flow in this video. This video is intended for people who desire to question and potentially move past prevalent dogmas.  I direct people to read my well-researched book, the third edition of Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods