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About Alex Balistreya

Alex Balistreya has an unwavering passion for truth and knowledge that drives every aspect of his life. He approaches these pursuits with utmost seriousness, continually seeking resonant truths that expand his awareness. Alex’s unique and boundless perceptive nature fuels his quest, propelling him to explore his experience of development and higher awareness.

He has taken wisdom from his life’s experiences through trauma, religion, and spirituality toward a path of self-rediscovery. With a background of formal training in fine arts and as a hospitality and service professional, Alex couples his sensitive and creative talents with his highly empathic and inquisitive nature to assist and connect with others. Through his inner discoveries of himself and the cosmos beyond, he has learned to stand as an individual human with an innate capability to self-integrate without the need for external misdirects taught through religious, spiritual and worldly influence.

Alex’s passion for knowledge and genuine desire to help others has moved him to thoughtfully share his discoveries and developed awareness through writing and video on his website. His writing focuses on his experiences as a survivor of mistreatment through childhood ritual abuse and religious brain-washing, which has provided him a unique and expanded perspective on the complex and challenging reality we all face as Humans. Alex Balistreya’s highest hope is to share his awareness as a tool and resource that can inspire others toward their own discoveries connected with the lasting foundation to Life we all contain, individually, within.

Hi, so nice to meet you. My name is Alex Balistreya.

I have spent a large part of my life searching for answers to life's big questions: Who am I? Is there a "god"? What is truth? This "great search" motivated by a sincere desire to "know" has led me to discover a resonating and lasting foundation to Life that flows continually. This self-rediscovery continues to inspire my awareness to grow and has revealed a resonating reality far beyond what I could have ever imagined when I first began asking these questions at a very young age.  

For many years I followed charismatic and convincing speakers of other-worldly knowledge and spiritualities.

In these learning experiences, I discovered that what I was being taught often gave me an unshakable sense of unease. Teachings often redirected my energy and connected me to some influencing external force of energy. This force was taught to be attributed to a "God" or unseen beneficial spiritual entity or Source. However, despite being portrayed as entirely safe, loving, and trusted, I felt these external connections drew me away from myself and displaced my natural and innocent desire to know the "truth."

The popularized, alluring, and convincing religious and spiritual teachings taught me to essentially disregard my intuition in favor of these God-like entities and their omniscient unseen power over us. I unknowingly spent many years conforming to these ideologies designed to fragment human energy and separate me from who I truly am.

In these early periods of truth-seeking in my life, I began to discover many answers that filled my mind with various external energy connections.  But actually, what I sense I began to learn was more about my energetic sensitivity that consistently revealed an inner truth experienced as felt reactions and awareness regarding teachings and their untoward conspirators.

Without a developed sense of patience and paucity to listen to my own internal "voice," I often accepted, without question, what I was taught and lived the dogma in hopes of discovering enlightenment and salvation first hand. 

These empty promises disguised as spiritual ideals often came with a felt sense of energetic baggage and foreign, other-worldly connection that I had no choice but to accept in tandem with the knowledge I acquired.

I began to question little by little but still had yet to develop and discover my ability to listen to my sense and honor what it was I "saw deeply.” I now have learned that my highly sensitive nature provides me the bridge to reach my deepest self and the higher awareness I was always seeking. However, in spiritual circles and religious groups, this natural sensitive ability was often attributed to something else not of me, which further displaced and fragmented my self-awareness. 

I also learned to accept that elevated spiritual knowledge often invoked connections to energy realities and alien entities that were much more damaging to our human essence than how they often painted themselves as benevolent Gods or Guardians over humanity. I felt slowly and purposefully manipulated as energies attempted to etch away at my real sense of self-awareness and individual identity. At times my true self became distanced from me because I would ignore my inner sensitivity and reactions in favor of a feeling of belonging in a group.

 The Buddhist and popular New Age ideologies that I once ascribed to influenced me to become open to the widely accepted and popular oneness beliefs, further perpetuating reliance on group energy over individual abundance.

I was often part of group beach events from 2009-2014 where we meditated and followed leader, Ashayana/E’Asha’s, energy work rituals and ceremonies on Siesta Key Beach.

I was often part of group beach events from 2009-2014 where we meditated and followed leader, Ashayana/E’Asha’s, energy work rituals and ceremonies on Siesta Key Beach.

Through my own experience in once “accepting” oneness beliefs and essentially (over the years) working to “de-program” from the Law of One since leaving spiritual and religious groups altogether, I now see the untoward purpose behind teachings from my first-hand experience. 

Through public writing on this website, I postulate how oneness is an unnatural and purposely designed energy dynamic tasked to alter our humanity negatively. 

Within me, the inner sense regarding this untoward energy dynamic deemed a “law” in progressive circles always felt off or wrong. And this began to reveal the larger reality of hidden energetic connections seeking to influence humans through worldly and spiritual philosophies. 

Searching for truth as an external quest has given me deep insight into the various energies influencing humanity through spiritualities and canons of supposed truth. Ultimately the external truth quest I embarked on was filled with many competing misdirections and distractions taught through exclusivity and hierarchies. With an overwhelming feeling of “something missing,” I felt consistent unsettled sensations connected to spiritual teachings and religious knowledge. 

I realized I needed to let go of the intervening energy connections established in religion or spiritual understanding and instead listen to my natural inner sensitivity as a gauge and guiding force all my own.

Overlooking the California coast. In 2016 I moved from Florida to California and began my inner process work of letting go and shifting from the religious and spiritual groups (and beliefs) I was once part of to rediscover my true sense of self outs…

Overlooking the California coast. In 2016 I moved from Florida to California and began my inner process work of letting go and shifting from the religious and spiritual groups (and beliefs) I was once part of to rediscover my true sense of self outside of a “group.”

This shift, which furthered my developed sense of true self connection, led me to ultimately “see” myself as who I truly am and, with this inner sight, see my place in creation in a genuinely different way…not understood through teachings. I became sensitive to my true self. Increasingly aligned awareness helped me to see and trust the reality that my consciousness originated from another galaxy altogether, giving me a sense of relief and long-awaited fulfillment as the search could truly end, and I could settle into my true self fully. I have made sense of my life’s journey by discovering how integral my higher self has always been there to assist me in retaining my unique sensitivities and aligned natural essence as an Oraphim human. 

I have rediscovered a deep connection with my original consciousness and aligned energy existing shifted in a space entirely my own, with inherent expansive, truly lasting, eternal connections.  In this discovery, I see more clearly that my true self and higher self connection is a tangible reality that is far from what I once believed or thought influenced by religious understanding and belief-driven limited perspectives of creation. I found I could begin to trust myself as the wise, knowledgeable, good, and loving person I truly am. 

From a trusted internal and grounded place within that, I have now discovered that my natural passion for knowledge is but one extended and connected component of who I truly am as Alex Balistreya. I have redirected my life’s quest for higher understanding inward, where I am no longer externalized and have realized how to place my true awareness and desire for truth more healthfully. With my awareness and proper alignment in its proper internal station established, I sense I can naturally and progressively bring forward my true Self to the best of my ability, which naturally connects me to my higher Self. 

With an understanding and acceptance of the complex and challenging reality we all face and limitations as Humans, I have learned to let go of the idealistic “god-complex” and idea of “perfection” and instead honestly intend toward a bridge of inner growth and self-integration. A natural self-integration process is what I have found to be the truest aspect of my greater mission on Earth at this time. Within one’s inner and personal energetic integrity, I sense we can learn to assist ourselves and profoundly align our humanity and even Earth. In this natural alignment with inherent eternal connection, true healing can occur as a discovery unfolds of natural higher awareness and genuine understanding. The discovery of this natural alignment can bring about a shift away from levels of distortion, fragmentation, and manipulation placed upon Humans and the embattled portions of Earth.

As you can see in what I have shared, I strongly sense through the first-hand experience that all the religious, philosophical, and worldly ideologies put limitations onto Humans by directing followers externally to become reliant on external experiences and detrimental energy connections. These external connections and thought adjustments distract humanity from seeing what we each individually can cultivate.

The beautiful American River in California.

The beautiful American River in California.

 I have found my own personal, individual, and unique precious familial connections to a similarly individual purely resonating and singular place of pure conscious origin within the core of my very being. This alignment and connection within can help to shift from any external detriment and contribute in helping us stand in our fullness, from deep within, with the purely aligned connections that make up our aligned essence both physically and ethereally. I feel personal self-rediscovery is possible for every person, as we each hold a unique and precious Life-giving connection contained in our own individual consciousness and through our aligned energies.

I hope to share, encourage and inspire others seeking these potentials through this website to uncover ultimately as truth stands.


  1. I've had similar experiences as you and am grateful I found your website. It has helped me feel less alone, even though I wasn't involved in MCEO. As a devout Christian my whole life and a Arch Angel Michael devotee as well as a participant in another ascension group, I am saddened but try to hold them in love.


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