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Why I Left The Law of One Religion Conclusion

It took me time, but I have begun to question my attachment to the very model of creation that the MCEO use in their Law of One, which requires much outside entity help, mysterious faith in externalized God figures and Source gestalts, and assimilation to adhere to successfully. Though enticing due to its otherworldly nature, the GA-MCEO-AMCC teachings, in my experience, brought me further away from who I feel myself to be in my core. The GA-MCEO-AMCC disregard our innate structural independence that naturally contains our own unique pathways of purity. Truly seeking purity and self-growth throughout one’s being can simply and intuitively align one with the necessary pure eternal energies and frequencies that resonate with this intention and action. Upon this inward self-discovery and intention to seek for greater truth that lie mainly within oneself , I no longer feel any need to merge with any teachings, entities or Source levels outside myself to become who I truly am as my original pure essence. 

The MCEO and related GA, AMCC groups suggest the authority of their material that requires assimilation of beliefs following their absolute Law of One that in a 2014 workshop they termed entrainment. My intuition from believing the MCEO’s Law of One and their bio-regenesis Ascension teachings always consistently urged me to guard and protect my inner essence, my true nature of me that never felt fragmented or incomplete despite being told otherwise. Although the human body form, which our personal essence now inhabits, is highly fragmented due to its place in this partly phantom galactic environment, there is hope. It is possible to independently choose to align with purity and thus regain our unique beauteous individuality. I have come to find this is simpler than I once thought and doesn’t involve a 40-step long technique or several day-long workshop to achieve an energetic connection to our pure origins. 

This alignment is only accessible within the core of our being (that can be most clearly sensed a the bottom of the breastbone slightly above the xiphoid process due to no chakra interference)1 and can give the substantial inward truth that validates our unique origins beyond, that most likely do not follow the same path that the MCEO spout. We all have within us a pure eternal template buried under the accrued distorted matter, and we can bring this eternal nature forward simply to re-align ourselves to this forgotten energetic essence based in truth, not lies. I have come to sense and feel that true eternal energy does not have uniform laws, religion, or hierarchy as a part of its natural expression like the MCEO claim with their Law of One, but rather simple pure consciousness and resonating eternal flow. 

For me, true bio-regenesis remains completely self-directed. It requires the desire to rediscover and sustain purity, and it requires that we face the truth in our lives. The bio-regenesis that the MCEO have contrived is just another phantom use of natural energies adopted by fallen entities that seek to control toward their agendas. We all remain whole in our individuality, just as the origin point preceding creation remains whole, separate and uniquely independent. This pure origin beyond all created matter is known as All That Is, The Pure Essence, and the energetic dynamics that extend beyond this pure origin remain completely separate and uniquely independent. Connecting with purity, truth and eternal energy is a choice that can naturally begin a healing process. All entities have this internal ability to choose without any externally forced circumstance or law that needs to be adhered to. 

By deflecting the manipulative religions, ideologies and beliefs of others, we can begin to gain access to this inward healing process independently available that further aligns with the origin point of purity and truth in our own distinctive pathways from the inside. We can fulfill these inner templates of unaltered truth in a process of integration or true bio-regenesis, which is an inward process of self-induced revelation not based on hierarchy or creation laws, and not an external process spouted by the AMCC-MCEO-GA and other religiously minded groups that promote assimilation and consumption of external energies and entities as the means to ascend and fulfill to our fullness. 

For more information on creation and our beautiful natural expression of it as well as much detailed information on all things related to ascension and inter-dimensional realities including a substantial critique of the Law of One I encourage you to seek more information within Theresa Talea’s book Eternal Humans and The Finite Gods found here.

1. Talea, Theresa. Eternal Humans and The Finite Gods: How an Ex-Prophet and I Left Religion and Discovered Universes Beyond and Within. Rediscovery Press, 2014. Print.


  1. Beautifully balanced, cogent, and inspiring ... A "must read" for anyone and everyone who recognises the need for a little guidance around the big question of what the discovery of ones true self, as spirit, really means/ involves.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and support, I hope too this article can inspire truth and greater awareness in others.

  2. Alex, Thank you so much for your brilliant writings here. Reading this has helped FULLY strike the chord within me that was quietly ringing all along. I greatly appreciate all your efforts on this and the vastly detailed and expertly well referenced assessment you have provided. I wish that this will help do for others what it has done for me.


    1. Thank you Stephen for sharing your resonance with this knowledge. I'm truly happy to know it has helped you on your journey :-).

    2. This is fascinating, I would love to Skype sometime if you are available please email me anytime: thanks!

  3. I am sifting through this. It makes me appreciate why some folks have not been able to stay with the GA-MCEO-AMCC teachings. My experience with it is different. I do not feel fragmented, I do not feel less than. THe effi link is inspiring and grounding to me. I have been with the teachings since 2003. I will write more as I sit with this info Alex, I also am watching the interview with Chris. THanks :) TOb

    1. Hello e. Tobin eckian,
      Thanks for reading, considering this knowledge and sharing your thoughts. I welcome any future inquiries or thoughts as you sit with the information.
      Best wishes

  4. Amazing. I had the same feelings and thoughts and I decided to continue my spiritual path individually, from the inside, as everything outside seem corrupted.

    1. I am glad this information resonates with you, as it does me as well. We have a beauteous fulfilled and whole individuality that can be brought forward and integrated with purer energies and realities when our desire and intent aligns with our inner pure awareness and core. Nice to hear from you, thank you.

  5. While i read this i feel empathy and resonate
    First of all sorry for my english ability
    i had doubts Drunvalo Melchizedek seriously
    his name Melchizedek was appear in bible old testament
    and also Celtic Druid
    the Hebrew old tetament and celtic Druidism is same origin(maybe celtic is the origin)
    same 7seven planet which is Astrotheology (Micheal Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell are the good researcher in Astrotheology)
    and the Emerald Tablet's Thoth was obeying the 7Seven Lord
    so i think he's a agent who pushing elite agenda to people
    (like obeying and just believing higer.. and superier master or entity)
    But the information was a valuable so anyway i think Human race's real problem is worshiping belief system which is don't take self responsibility and fear the facing real physical world

    and today's real physical world.. i mean the society is not love and light in fact the world is mad and terribly disharmony and suffering.. and Elite's Conspiracy everywhere But True Love is facing the reality even it's terrible that's the True Love
    When we really facing the reality and world's problem
    from that moment we can take it back possibility
    and that possibility is getting Power as a individual
    not obeying some superier entity and alien nor waiting sananda jesus(to me it's really bull) and 2012 Earth distruction and Armageddon whatever
    the newager people and their leader Drunvalo Melcizedek was waiting Earth distruction and Earth pole shift event that almost humankind dying..
    this is really shame and creepy people who want Love and Light Waiting and believe the Earth disaster i'm sick of this Earth end story this is ultimate defeatism it's like " i have no power.. so i just wait and believing the master jejus master buddha master Melcizedek whatever and we gonna experience Earth disaster but is't okay it's a love..) i really sick this Earth Disaster New age belief
    plz new age people if we do not take responsible as a individual and earth human then no one can't help us and Never help us it just whining kid the real adult and parents doesn't allow that whining attitude forever i know there is really good and benevolent entity no doubt but what they really want to us is taking responsibility that's the their hope the conspiracy researcher David icke said this " Take a responsibility is not weak thing is the Ultimate power in Universe " yes that's the really we need today
    i just want true LOVE which is Based on real Freedom
    sorry for my english and anyway thank you Alex Balistreya!

    1. What i write "7Seven planet" means worshiping 7seven star
      like Elohim(7seven day that Monday tuesday wednesday thursday..)

    2. Hello there, while I don't resonate with David Icke's material, as I feel focusing on the negativity in the world too much can just encourage it further, I do agree in desiring to know true love based in freedom. I see this knowledge shared as a groundwork to build towards greater self integration , not to dwell on but to understand and know of in order to grow towards a more fuller picture of our predicament as Humans here on Earth. Thanks for reading and for your thoughts, we have our true freedom inside, individually!

  6. Hi, I am surprised that so many people fall for this MCEO crock of shit, some people that I know feel that they are God, they can fly and walk on water, some feel that they are in another dimension and loose touch with the present causing a lot of pain to the people around.

  7. Thank you very much for those details concerning your experience with MCEO and every kind of external TEACHINGS and LAWS.. I completely agree with the above comment : "Amazing. I had the same feelings and thoughts and I decided to continue my spiritual path individually, from the INSIDE, as everything outside seem corrupted."
    We are infinite and everything is to be explored inside, at our rythm, following our free will, and never believing any law expressed from outside.
    Thank you.

  8. Thanks for a great article, Humans have always had an innate distrust of control and authority, it began with the Gnostic movement who believed they had been trapped and conned into this prison universe and their only way out was to disconnect from all authority and look to reconnect with the original source through their own actions, both physically and mentally. The Catholic church soon eradicated the last of them with the Cathars, some remain such as the Mandeans. Removing Gnosticism left a void in the searching for truth innate in most humans, stemming from the feeling that something is just not quite right with what we are being told. The controllers filled this void with the new Age teachings and saturated the market with many different awakening and ascension paradigms that people who felt lost latched onto, its the same control system differently packaged, controlled opposition.
    What we need to do is get back to the original pure Gnostic way and to let ourselves be guided by our inner self as you suggest. I think this is what we were supposed to do all along, bask in an individual journey of inner realisation, yes look at all the other stuff, it might help, but only in the context of helping you to form your own path by knowing which ones are the false paths. I am not cheering to bring back the Gnostic faith, but to take some guidance from their rejection of external manipulation and their championing of the inner search for meaning by trusting the guidance of the true inner self.

  9. Really eye opening presentation. I sent you friend request on Fb recently also I wish to know if Theresa is doing well as her fb account seems to be inactive?

    Thank you for sharing this amazing Insights, wisdom!

  10. I used to be part of this cult back in 2010 to 2013. It basically makes Ashayana Deane your go to, for literally EVERYTHING spiritual in your life. She basically becomes God, because she is the lifeline, she is the only one with this information about how to prevent your soul from getting sucked into the black hole Phantom Matrix. Without her, you are doomed for all eternity. You continually have to be strung along and buy her next dispensation of information in order to save your soul. Of course the fallen angelics ALWAYS thwart the efforts of the Guardian Alliance, so you have to continually buy each new workshop to learn the supposed spiritual guided meditations to heal your DNA and save your soul before it's too late. It's ridiculous. I can't believe I allowed myself to be fooled like I was. And did I mention the cost of being part of this group? Thousands of dollars later. Oh and when I started doing the techniques, I got horrible visions of being attacked by demonic creatures inside my mind during the meditations. Plus I started getting sleep paralysis at the time too. I joined their forums and yahoo groups, but when I started asking too many questions I was promptly banned. It's a totalitarian group. It's all or nothing.
    Wanna know the truth about where you are going when you die? Look up the near death experiences on youtube. Stop listening to these cult leaders. Here is a playlist I made about near death experiences. Make up your own mind.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I agree with what you shared, and I also experienced more polarized visionary experiences with negative entities when I was involved with her group. Of course this all fit into the group narrative that I was just being attacked because I was doing the techniques to save me, per Ashayana's entity group's dogmas.

      Yes, I also spent all I was making to attend her live workshops from 2009-2014. Tens of thousands of dollars.

      The group itself and the humans in it have set up the group through cult like dynamics and controls. I don't necessarily think the human organization of this group always reflects all the other-worldly entity groups that Ashayana has spoken on behalf throughout her public career, though. I think there can be more awareness applied in all areas to understand the bigger picture of what is happening there. I hope some of my articles bring about a bigger picture to the often polarized and simplified understanding of other-worldly groups and information.

      Take care,

  11. I can’t thank you enough for this. My son is currently involved in this and it is crushing me. He has also recently been diagnosed with tbd mental illness that left him hospitalized with a psychotic break. I would love to speak to you further on any suggestions of how we can show him the light. Please respond if you are willing to advise. Desperate seeking guidance :)

  12. I appreciate your views and was astounded to see you connect this to the Billy Fingers story, which I read years ago. The one thing I wanted to share with you is that MCEO did not create the Law of One. You can see that material was originally channeled in the 80's and available for free at lawofone (dot) org. I find it is completely separate from FT's. (But the fact that FT's mention it is what made the FT material all more compelling for me.) I could easily dismiss all of the FT stuff except that there does seem to be something about their take on Metatron, the sacred geometry, the Krystic spiral ... that does resonate for me. Of course, all things we cannot know in this lifetime, lol. How convenient. Thank you again for your share!

    1. Hello,

      I am well aware of the Ra group’s channelings of the Law of One belief. If you read my article series carefully, you will see I never said the MCEO created the Law of One. In the article, " Origins of the Law of One, I reveal this beliefs true origin, which precedes the lower dimensional Ra collectives who gave the channelings to their controlled humans in the 80s.

      If you deeply investigate the MCEO’s teachings, which I tried to summate in this series due to my lived experience in this group's hierarchy, you will discover how connected the Ra group is to the MCEO’s collectives of entity groups which span dimensions and galaxies.

      These articles written almost six years ago are critical stepping stones away from all entity information and teachings for those who never found satisfaction in the half-truths or flat-out lies in hierarchical entity information. All the various factions mentioned in this article utilize a form of the Law of One since this is the primary belief system in our fragmented and semi-phantom galaxy. While the Ra group capitalized on this belief through the specific channelings in the 80s, this belief has been recycled through all religions and spiritualities on this Earth, and actually in this galaxy for reasons mentioned in the articles above.

      Take care,
      Alex Balistreya

    2. In 2019 I clarified the topic which addresses your mention of the Ra channelings of the Law of One. I will paste this comment below for further codification of this awareness here:

      “The Melchizedek group (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) that I talk about here went into depth in their material how the Law of One is the foundation to their spirit-science teachings, same with the channeled Ra Law of One books. If you look into the MCEO’s material, you will see this. The MCEO is an older entity group from a higher dimension than where this specific Ra group is from. In fact, the Ra group’s version of the Law of One stemmed from the more ancient teachings that show the structured and hierarchical religion. Just because the five channeled books talk about the Law of One, and just because they became popular, does not mean the Ra group is the original source of the Law of One. They created a faction with their own spin (as many entity groups do) with the objective to gain their own following with feel-good information to make it more appeasing to people who don’t seek beyond their claims. They purposely do not reveal its religious structure to keep their agenda hidden.”

      I would recommend reading Theresa Talea’s recent third edition. Theresa goes into detail with clarifications regarding the origins of the Law of One, and how it has shaped the cosmological view of many other-worldly entities and the humans they reach.

      Each group has different applications of the Law of One to achieve their agendas and specific hierarchy, but due to the ancient influence that has brought this dogma to our galaxy and people, it is hard to discern its detrimental effect on humanity. This is because it is often taught at primal nature.

      I am mainly discussing my experience in a Law of One faction that shares similarity to the Ra channelings in the books you mention. The group I was part of did not interpret the material, because their leaders who gave the information to their speaker preceded Ra in terms of ancestry. Ra and his influenced following came later and in lower dimensions (closer to us) than the originators who influenced the speaker to the group I was once part.

      My conclusion is that a greater discernment needs to be had and a more astute self-awareness cultivated to discern the negative effects of the Law of One.

      The books channeled through Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty between 1981 and 1984 to compile the books on the Law of One by Ra involved take over of their human bodies to do so. Significant rituals prepared these humans and their bodies for this unnatural process in which a higher dimensional entity, Ra (or his legions), either partially or fully possessed these humans to declare his message and influence humanity. Ra proceeded to share lies about his connection with them and humanity to gain a favorable and more influenced position so other humans would open themselves up to his message which would gain him a position to assimilate more humans for his own agenda.

      This occurs in all areas of religion, as we are taught to become hands and feet to other-worldly entities and their desires and agendas. This and other unnatural uses of energy are all taught in Law of One circles, including the ascended masters collectives who use same tactics to reach humanity in a favorable light.

      Lastly myself and many autonomous entities in creation know of a more naturally flowing and freely expansive creation that doesn’t involve “creator” Gods and hierarchies. The Law of One, its religions and representatives hold a different energy than natural and truly eternal creation.

      Take care,
      Alex Balistreya

  13. Hi Alex, I have had the same reaction as you to both Asha & anything law of one created like the ra material. An instant intuitive ‘Nope’. Im not sure why, yet bit also feel the need to trust my own energetic system however I find myself desiring a path to follow. A set of exercises I can practice for connection but no idea where to get started. Ive been looking at hermeticism which also follows a set of ‘natural laws’ but am yet to find something that feels like a fit. How dis you start your journey connecting to yourself? What practices did you use? Thank you

  14. Hello, nice to meet you, Kayleigh.

    As I mentioned in my most recent post, “Final Post and Beyond 2022,” I would direct you to Theresa Talea’s book and resources on her website. I have let go of the notion of laws associated with creation due to the huge plethora of entity beliefs amalgamated with creational inferences found in popular and mainstream (even occult) understanding. I instead intentionally align myself with an increasing sense of freedom discovered primarily with the help of Theresa’s important book and message.

    To elaborate: I don’t use any specific set of practices that would be relevant to share. I have discovered a continual resonance within my natural core and template, and with this self-alignment have experienced that I sufficiently have all I require in my own consciousness and natural human template without a set of rituals or practices.

    Thank you for your comment,
    Alex Balistreya


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