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The Dangers of Kundalini Awakening

In my article, “Why I Left the Law of One,” oneness is described as a process of merging with different levels of consciousness or god entities. Oneness as a bodily experience is taught as the primal and ultimate experience in creation by religious and spiritual beliefs. Whether this belief has us become one with a specific entity, like Jesus, or a universal energy that is said to be omnipotent and operating behind the scenes, oneness ignores our boundaries and individuality by displacing otherworldly entities and their agendas onto us.

Kundalini awakening is a pivotal process of experiencing oneness as it opens us up and merges us with foreign energies and alien entities under the promise of achieving spiritual evolution and enlightenment. As taught in religions, especially Hinduism, Kundalini is a subtle energy that lies dormant in humans, and its activation or “awakening” brings about an ultimate union with Source, God, or the divine as participants undergo psycho-physiological changes. After a Kundalini awakening shifts someone’s consciousness and anatomy toward experiencing oneness with the overseeing entity or entity group, proponents often teach others to experience it as well, thus sharing the gospel of Kundalini with an air of importance and unquestioning promotion. 

University professor and author Dorothy Walters had a Kundalini experience that occurred almost instantaneously after contemplating union with her preferred god. She described the experience:
“I sat quietly in my chair and breathed deeply, focusing on an image of the god and goddess in union in the volume I had been reading. Suddenly I felt a ball of rapturous energy in my lower abdomen. And then, within seconds it seemed, these energies rushed upward into my head.

I felt an influx of ecstatic energy streaming into my skull while my very brain was infused with rapture. As my crown opened, it felt like “a thousand petals unfolding,” just as the ancient texts describe. The experience lasted for several minutes, and, as long as I did not think about what was happening, it continued. Suddenly I realized that I was not, in fact, a separate, autonomous, self-individuated being, but merely a tiny spark in a great, indescribable, inscrutable force, the unnamed source of all that is, that which animates and powers the universe in overwhelming love. I was a fiction I told myself, a myth I have invented (p. 4-5).”1

After the sensational experience in her body, Walters believed she lied to herself about being separate from all of creation which she calls “all that is.” (This perception of an “all that is” is a oneness belief enveloping all of creation.) Because she allowed the ritual to commence with her perceived god, her mind was open to its influence, which manipulated her body and provided a type of religious experience convincing her of another “reality” outside of her innate and intellectual knowing.  

Walters walked away from this experience with a displaced sense of identity that continues to leave her open to otherworldly phenomena and possible entities seeking to gain her body for themselves. She is now a proponent of Kundalini rituals and publicly promotes their mind alerting belief of oneness through her poetry and writings to further spread and normalize these invasive manipulations on humanity. I say these are invasive manipulations because the process of Walter’s Kundalini activation sequentially forced open her etheric chakras, especially her crown chakra, to allow the god entity access to her body. The movement of Kundalini energy from the lower to higher semi-physical chakras stimulates them and forces them open, making them experience strong energies beyond our own capability. This can permanently pervert the innate innocence of one’s body, mind, and emotions by supplanting our energies with those of otherworldly entities and their legions. We are taught to become their hands and feet. Chakra opening, especially through the implanted “third eye” in the sixth chakra can occur in all religious rituals like the Christian “baptism by fire,” cleansing rituals, or DNA activations common in New Age spiritualities.

Alien entities target humans and influence them from afar through religious beliefs before performing intrusive energetic procedures upon them. People are commonly taught to accept the Law of One mentality or other oneness or religious messages prior to the Kundalini ritual because willful participation allows the overseeing entity to come closer and potentially gain more access to the human’s body. It is commonplace to be mentally and energetically groomed to the dogma in order to familiarize and normalize the entity’s energy as it comes closer; otherwise, there would be no mental dissociation during the ritual, and its incoming energies would rightfully feel foreign and scary.  

A group of otherworldly entities who call themselves the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO) taught a woman named Diana Herhenreader to accept their influence and Kundalini rituals throughout her life in exchange for their protection and ranking as a high priestess in their hierarchy to spread their oneness teachings to humanity. The MCEO have told Diana that Kundalini energy comprises actual universal frequencies corresponding to the first nine dimensions in our Milky Way galaxy. Within the human body, according to the MCEO, a bridge of Kundalini energy raises vertically from the root chakra to open the crown chakra and other key locations within the body in preparation for an integration process with an incoming higher dimensional entity.2

The MCEO teach humans to believe that a higher dimensional group or family is innately connected to each individual human. The grouping of individual entities is collectively called a person’s soul family, which is a oneness belief dividing a high dimensional entity into lower dimensions of increasingly fragmented beings that depend upon the high dimensional entity as their overseer and primary controller.2,3Believers tend to accept calling the original entity “god” or “God” because they view themselves as part of that God, thereby also being God. 

Kundalini rituals are taught by the MCEO to prepare humans for the covert, sequentially orchestrated assimilation of otherworldly entities by looking externally to them and then welcoming their energies into the body. The MCEO teach an activation and integration process that invites potential possession scenarios where other entities can complete the full takeover of a weakened and groomed individual in an ultimate evolutionary ideal (for the MCEO) called a “walk-in.” Many followers of Diana are taught to desire a walk-in mainly under the belief it will heal their fragmented human state, but what they do not realize is that it erases their individual, unique human essence in favor of another alien entity and its self-serving agenda. When an entity fully walks into a human’s body, that human’s soul essence is kicked out and can no longer return. This is an extreme result of bodily possession; the intruding entity integrates with the body until it no longer has use for it, and the body then dies.

The MCEO teach that the dominant Kundalini frequency originates in the ninth dimension of the Milky Way.2The MCEO comprises entities from multiple higher dimensions, including beyond the ninth dimension, but a number of them who taught Diana about Kundalini and its uses in the human etheric anatomy probably originated in the ninth dimension and are trying to claim ownership over us—as all “god” entities do—when our multidimensional anatomy is not limited to the ninth dimension nor is it bound in any way to those entities. Our Milky Way has significant damage from galactic wars as well as negative effects from the cultural influences that revere the Law of One.A primary group who originally influenced the MCEO with the Law of One, the Great White Brotherhood (GWB), has devised agendas and missions using their teachings to invade and assimilate Earth with their familiar frequencies and energies.4  

Higher dimensional entities from more ancient areas of our galaxy and from beyond our galaxy continue to actively manipulate Earth and its inhabitants because they have lost their own ability to regenerate, so they seek energetic food via assimilation. Once an entity purposely aligns its being and actions with a primary intent to gain immortality by preying on humans, its biology and energy transforms into something highly unnatural. This path for an entity can change it into a phantom being, causing it to “fall” from an original position that has the potential to be naturally sustaining and eternal. 

Humans are partially phantom through no fault of our own because of inherited death mechanics, but we still have the ability to gain our eternal potential when we purposely separate ourselves from these self-serving aliens and their teachings. The ancient groups and entities who influence and brainwash humanity through their religious and spiritual beliefs perpetuate their phantom ways by teaching dominance over us under the guise of benevolence as our guardians, teachers or ancestors. These untoward entities often utilize aspects of their less dense anatomy to syphon, alter and leech energy from us in parasitic ways, reaching us on Earth as they have done for eons in the Milky Way.

For many in the MCEO, they believe and teach us that their specific application of the Law of One will bring healing and wholeness to us by using the energies and tactics they know from their homelands. For decades, they have given information to Diana via channeling and DNA transmission methods to detail their seemingly benevolent objective for human evolution and corresponding ascension; however, their procedures impart fragmented frequencies and codes into participating human bodies to literally ground these foreign energies into the Earth. The followers view themselves as an elite “shield” helping the Earth, when they are being used for a god-group agenda that does not necessarily value them as “lower” beings. This also applies to all New Age oneness groups.

Diana, like many proponents of Kundalini, has allowed various MCEO and otherworldly entities to integrate with her and literally walk into her body through submission to their external integration process. She has taken on these otherworldly entity names over the years and asks her following to call her Ashayana-Melchizedek or most recently E'Asha-Arhayas. 

The Law of One’s soul integration process, which is actually possession, is taught to Diana and other Oneness teachers as involving numerous other entities as part of a “spiritual awakening” through Kundalini. Specifically, the MCEO teach that the soul family for an individual human has a grouping of at least 144 other entities.5Any number of MCEO or other religious entities who wish to gain access into our density through a victim’s body can step in to take the position of one’s supposed soul identity. 

The religions and New Age teachings taught by those like Diana override our innate humanity in favor of another entity or group who wish to gain full access to our Earthly elements and density. These are phantom tactics because they employ strong power plays that do not allow conscientious humans and Earth itself to naturally proceed toward eternally aligned avenues on our own. Unfortunately, at this point of their galactic infighting with other groups, we are caught in the middle of their ongoing ploys for control, so we may need genuine help if they will not leave us and Earth alone. However, isn’t it ironic that humans tend to look up to these controlling higher dimensional entities, who are essentially strangers, in high regard to the point of worship, when those same entities look down upon us with disdain and view us as inept?

The actual differentiation between entities and universal, physical realities becomes purposefully blurred during Kundalini rituals to further the agenda of the preferred entity or group involved. For example, in David Frawley’s book Inner Tantric Yoga: Working with the Universal Shakti, he says the goddess entity Bhairavi “dwells in a latent form in the Earth chakra and begins the yogic alchemical [of Kundalini awakening] process from there.”Frawley teaches that the goddess Bhairavi is the element of fire and has omnipotent control of the Kundalini process which begins in the root chakra. This belief allows entities coming in the name of Bhairavi intimate access into our body and mind. 

On the internet, a young man describes in detail a Kundalini experience where a six-armed entity was performing the ritual nearby. Some phantom alien races are spider-like with many arms and are depicted as Hindu gods. They also commonly cloak themselves as angels, wherein their multiple arms are disguised as wings to appear as traditionally accepted guardians and saviors. He states:

“As I focused, the vibration grew more intense and the heat grew hotter. The sensation began to rise and expand, moving slowly up my spinal column. The heat soon became excruciatingly intense, as though my internal organs had been set on fire. However, for some reason, this did not disturb me. I continued to focus on the sensation, feeling compelled to direct it upward. The sensation reached my solar plexus, where it filled my chest cavity reaching the peak intensity of heat. Upon reaching my throat, the sensation cooled, the vibration increased, and the upward motion ceased.

With my throat vibrating, I took a brief respite, and then I directed the sensation upward again. The warm vibrations spread upward over my face and forehead and began to gather at the top of my head. Then I saw the image of a circle at the top of my head. Inside the circle there was darkness, and outside the circle were what appeared to be flames spiraling into the edge. Suddenly the floor beneath me seemed to disappear and I felt as though I was falling.

This sensation of falling startled me, so I pushed the sensation downward from the top of my head for a moment, leaving me firmly sitting on the floor again. Relieved, I pushed the sensation back upward. Again the floor disappeared from under me and I was falling. The circle loomed above me larger than ever and my frame of vision began to move into it. Upon entering the circle, my entire body became immersed in a blissful vibration.

Around me there was a kaleidoscope of pink and purple light arranged in a spiral ascending upward, full of indescribable patterns and intricacies. In the center of this spiral, against the backdrop of a brilliant white light, loomed a silhouette of a thin, human-like figure with six arms and an oddly shaped head, sitting in a meditative pose. Upon seeing this figure, my blissful vibration was quickly replaced by the feeling of being electrocuted throughout my body.

All the while, I continued to move upward, toward the strange figure. As I moved closer, a feeling of fear overtook me. Simultaneously, while having this out of body experience, my visual field expanded to include the inside of my own body as it filled with white light descending from the top of my head. My organs, blood vessels, tissues, and even cells all seemed to become visible to me as the white light moved downward, reaching the upper chest area. The feeling of fear intensified and quickly gave way to a feeling of impending doom.

Fearing certain death, I panicked and decided to abort the experience. I performed several hand gestures unknown to me (I’m not sure whether these gestures had significance or were simply the result of desperation on my part) and with all my willpower; I forcibly retraced my steps back out of the circle. The inner white light lifted back upward, the ground appeared back underneath me, and with the aid of hand movements, I quickly pushed the sensations down my spinal column, extinguishing them at the base of my spine. I was drenched in sweat, shaking and exhausted. The whole experience had lasted just a few minutes.”7

What first appeared as a welcomed mystical experience for this man was a fight for occupancy back into his own body. Specifically, white light is a phantom frequency that is also embodied by religious entities orchestrating Kundalini rituals.8The entity’s agenda of assimilating portions or all of our energy and body can bring about our natural fear response. Regardless of how those entities may seem familiar in a belief system, fear of them can be a proper reaction to defend oneself. However, the MCEO through Diana state that fear is a denial of the all-one-ness.9With dogma indoctrinated in followers’ minds, they learn to diminish the body and all aspects of their natural ego and emotions that could help warn us to protect ourselves from these harmful experiences that take over individual energy. 

We have the ability within ourselves to naturally connect us to true life and gain eternal potential without takeover or control, despite what religious and spiritual beliefs tell us. Our natural abilities include an innate awareness discerning what is occurring in Kundalini rituals outside of a dogmatic belief. A natural process of integration with our own consciousness and energy comes from a stable—not overly sensational—place of resonate calm deep within. This inward flow and consequent awareness does not include any forceful action upon our chakras or fields by an entity or group claiming to be one’s higher self or god who tries to control aspects of our biology, energy and life.  

Instead, self-integration brings us to rediscover one’s true inner energy that expands in complete resonance with the fullness of one’s human body, bridging beyond the fragmentations we experience on our planet. The potential for us to connect with eternal energies can naturally resonate in our consciousness and bodies without the need for extreme manipulations or trained diminishment of our innate senses that ground us here in this density and physicality.

Instead of perceiving a god entity or ambiguous source to be in control of our energy and life, I have found it to be entirely more empowering to lean into the natural resonance and flow existing deep within my core energy. Something entirely unique to me exists in my own essence and composition that allows me to experience my full self when thoroughly connecting with the pure, abundant nature of life. A set of rituals, processes, or organized beliefs does not bring about this natural and organic connection.

If humans were never introduced to otherworldly belief systems, power plays, and aristocracies, we would probably stop lending ourselves as followers and use our own intelligence to take care of ourselves, our communities, and our planet. We would more readily and naturally find resonance and reprieve with the Earth, which I sense is benevolent in its true consciousness and wants to live a peaceful existence in the same way that pure-intended humans want. The results of entity manipulation and death mechanics have harmed us all, causing mental and physical illnesses, abuses and traumas. When we finally deprogram our minds and regain our own intelligence, we can realize that the human race is innately connected to something more than what the religious-minded entities give us. We can open our own door to love, compassion, problem-solving, and eternal energies. 

Our culture is constantly influenced in subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle ways by the aliens who seek to control us and separate us from our natural template. The degrees of oppression vary depending upon the group, agenda and practice, but the truth is we do not need to be controlled nor be part of any group hierarchy. Our natural template gives us the conscientiousness and ability to lead our own lives in our native environment. 

I sense a natural harmony and balance that doesn’t involve rigidity or control, contrary to what otherworldly entities are teaching us about the nature of reality. I sense something so much freer where we can make a choice to stand against the negativity and detrimental influence that the beliefs and their practices are proving in people.

If we are able to clearly discern our boundaries and know when philosophies or experiences seek to alter us away from what naturally connects and grounds us through our being’s innate innocence and wisdom, I feel we as a humanity can rediscover a simpler, purer and more harmonious way of living. Our personal boundary can bring us to grow our awareness, not by integrating with some belief or entity that is otherwise foreign to us. We can learn to quiet our minds and lessen the external influences to reconnect with what has always been inside in a gentle flow unique to each one of us. 

Self-integration is an internally aware process that naturally leaves our humanity intact and more aligned with its whole potential from the inside outward. To the contrary, this world and its ancient influencers have taught us to place supreme importance on external circumstances and variables making us a victim to our environment and others. 

The predominant belief systems that are popular and come from the Law of One’s hierarchy and mindset erase our boundaries and groom us to be more controllable and more easily swayed towards otherworldly abilities, such as channeling, or self-sacrificing agendas. It is important to know, no matter what misinformation and lies we are taught, that the religiously minded alien entities and their groups are also just people similar to us, who try to not only reach and influence us but also attach to us through rituals, channelings, and other interdimensional phenomena as they claim to be our gods, guardians, saviors, or even higher selves.

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  1. First, I want to say that I respect your belief system and your journey. Eventhough, I personally find the same story repackaged a thousand ways, no one has a patent on the full truth or all the answers. Every single story in the human narrative describes a distortion or a "fall" from something true and original. Including, what you describe in your own narrative. All of these "creations" and "laws" are tutors to teach us that Love is the true essence of all reality. Each expression is it's own "perception" of that "story". Everything is seeking to return home to love. I'm not talking airy fairy love, but love that is based on truth and full personal responsibility. There is not a being in all of creation that has not made a "mistake" including humans. If humans are truly eternal then nothing has the power to "take" anything from us ultimately. My one question that is arising from reading your article is that if an entity can take over, walk-in, or possess a human body. Where does the human soul go once that happens?

    1. Hello JNJ,

      Thanks for your reply, and taking the time to read this article. You ask about where the human soul goes once possession, walk-in, or take over happens.

      This is difficult to answer because each instance is case by case, and a varying degree of different possibilities can occur depending on the person and the entity or groups performing these invasions.

      I will answer based on what I know and have experienced.

      Take over, walk-in and possession are different phenomena. A take over may include something like mind-control, pressing on one’s thoughts by an external agenda driven entity, or influencing a person to do certain things. Our minds are vulnerable when not aligned away from external influence and beliefs that separate us from our core and purer aspects. In a take-over scenario the distinct human essence is still primarily in control of itself, just externally influenced largely by something other than its own intent and autonomy.

      A walk-in is something different that usually involves religious entities from higher dimensions that groom their human subject over a long period of time to invite the higher dimensional entity’s energy into their field and body. The religious entity that desires to walk into a human subject does so under the intent to perform an agenda which they could more easily perform if they have access to a body. In a walk-in the original human essence is sort of “kicked out” of the body to make room for the walk-in to take over its energy.

      In a sense the original human essence dies in this process. In religious and New Age groups, especially as the MCEO teach, this death process is a welcomed spiritual experience and is often equated to the death of the ego which further allows portions or all of the human essence to be replaced with the invading entity's energy. I sense though even in a scenario like this, there is still an original essence retained, yet separate to the energies being invaded, that could possibly be regenerated if the human works hard to re-integrate into its own body and kick the walk-in out more. But I don't know how likely a re-integration would happen because if it was allowed to go so far to let the walk-in to occur, a lot of the human essence would already be assimilated and lost to the invading entity. A walk-in is different than a possession because the human is usually taught to invite this process. This also takes from the human's essence and assimilates all or portions of their natural integrity.

      A possession is similar to the above but is a more aggressive approach that is forcibly done so and occurs potentially more sporadically which leaves the human essence in a sort of suspended state. In a possession the human essence may experience being pushed aside for the entity to take over.

      The fact is, our bodies are our own, and in any of these occurrences we could take back or body if we dispelled the invading entity. Often though, as is in new age and religious groups, these things are welcomed and desired as a mystical experience. We are also left to feel powerless to the entities force over us.

      Thanks again and take care,

  2. All these stories are what make humans, human. Humans are creative and imaginative beings, we experience all emotions, make amazing choices, make horrible choices, we are rich, we live in poverty, we love, we hate, we grieve, we war, we believe in gods, angels, aliens, we believe in nothing, we believe in science, we create art, music, poetry, and write about galactic wars to make us feel better that perhaps we were influenced by something "out" there that caused us to war, etc..etc..etc..
    We the humans of planet earth have created all of this stories of the human imagination and the universe allows us to have free will to make this stories. Some are out of our individual control, the laws are in place to protect us as we learn.. this is training ground for us to learn how to use creative energy. Laws are in place so we don't use eternal energy to make an eternal mess. In the end, there is no hierarchy. We have forgotten who we are and that is Love. We are waking up and there are a million ways and possibilities to do that. If a particular belief system does not work for you or isn't your path, that's because it's not your path. But, that does not mean it isn't being used as someone else's path to wake up to truth. All things are used to teach us and bring us home to our wholeness. Because we are individuals and sovereign. Nothing can destroy what is real. If we are eternal, then nothing can ultimately destroy us.

    1. Hello “JNJ,”
      I find myself in disagreement with your views on other-worldly subjects. It appears that you’re wrestling with the challenge of discerning reality, but your approach seems oversimplified. I believe it requires a deeper investigation to uncover potential misconceptions embedded in complex belief systems. Defaulting to oversimplification is a common way in which Law of One cultures and their entities effectively whitewash reality, making it more controllable. Still, I am suggesting as humans, we have unique skills and capacities to truly understand the complexities of our reality despite what we have been so demandingly told to believe.

      My engagement with belief systems, mythologies, and entity teachings that surpass our earthly experiences is rooted in a critical examination of the potential realities they may illuminate, as well as clearly as I can, demarcating fact from fiction.

      It requires a different, more critical mindset, one that is finely attuned to our abilities and sensitivities and grounded in reality, to begin to discern the difference between what we are told to believe and where myth diverges into the realm of the unreal.

      You have echoed many aspects of the Law of One culture and belief system, which I am challenging further through the articles I have written. Your stance, which I perceive as somewhat dismissive, overlooks the subtle aspects of deeper discernment that I am advocating for. I suggest that we learn to attune ourselves to our inner subtleties because, in doing so, we can begin to regain our wholeness as a race rather than being disillusioned by the complexity of reality as it currently stands.


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In this over two-hour long interview I discussed my journey with the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order group also known as Keylontic Science, “KS” New Age Group. My interview maps my experiences with this religious group which involved a lot of entity phenomena and group drama that I had to wade through to get to what I feel as myself.  Chris Comstock who is an active member and student of 'KS' provided me the platform to share my story which eventually did have me to turn away from these groups (GA-MCEO-AMCC). I am looking forward to expounding on some of the topics in more detail to clarify understanding such as the original self-concept and how that is different from the Law of One ‘Higher Self’.  Thank you, Chris, for being open to talking to me and for allowing me to speak and share my journey.  Alex Balistreya

What Happened Before and After I Physically Died?

Alex Balistreya · What Happened Before and After I physically Died.m4a      Death is interwoven in spiritual and religious teachings as an accepted aspect of our existence. Religious dualism asserts life cannot exist without death and light cannot exist without dark. While this may be true for people who subscribe to this belief (because they resonate and act with complicated, even chaotic energies), I have always intuitively known death should not exist. Something is inherently wrong with death because it is a traumatic experience that destroys our dense physical body.      Since I deprogrammed myself from oneness beliefs, which seek to confuse my distinct, innate knowing, I have been able to pay attention to my experiences over the past several years that illuminate the reality of life before and after death. My following accounts have given me more awareness regarding the unnatural process of death that many of us have already experienced through rei

Beyond 2022 and Important Recommendations

Hi everyone, Alex here. It has been some time since I have shared on this website. This will be my final post as I continue onward in my personal integration journey.    As we approach the end of 2022 and beyond, I think it is important for me to leave this blog with two links that can  assist others who resonate with my articles and desire to weed out ungrounded beliefs in order to shift away from influences by entities.   First, I want to state that I have consistently directed people who contact me about various otherworldly topics to read Theresa Talea’s important 2021 third edition of her book,  Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods: How an Ex-Prophet and I Left Religion and Discovered Universes Beyond and Within .      Theresa has articulated clear discernment and tools through knowledge that can help us each understand the bigger picture. More importantly, her book can illuminate something more personally accessible, profound, and life-changing to assist us in discovering our indiv