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Why I Left the Law of One Religion Part IV

Origins of The Law of One

Galactic Federation mouthpiece Sangieta G. Handa describes the entities Mahatma Ghandi and the Buddha as being the same One energy as Thoth.  All three of these entities are affiliated as being apart of the Great White Brotherhood (GWB) group.1,2,3 They remain allied to the MCEO in ways that assist MCEO agendas, and this affiliation to me suggests the similarities seen in both the MCEO and GWB that revolve around the Law of One and could hint at its origin.   

The multitude of Ascended Masters entities that make up the GWB originate from the 13th dimension in a galactic Veca referred to as Wesadek, which I describe in Part II.4 The MCEO revealed that Wesadek is now a fully phantom black hole system and has had much history involving an entity known as Metatron, who created metatronic physics as well contributed to the engineering of entity Michael.   The intentional design of the 11-point, mostly phantom kathara grid and the 10-point phantom Tree of Life kathara grid, as well as the Flower of Life symbology are representative of metatronic physics popularly promoted in New Age spiritual circles.5  

Interestingly, the MCEO revealed a strikingly similar design to that of the Flower of Life called The Eternal Ancient Eyes -- Eyes of Ah-yah'Rha in a December 2013 workshop put on by E’Asha-Ashayana.  These Eternal Ancient Eyes were described as energetic open eye-like structures said to allow eternal flows to enter and awaken the personal plasma templates of manifest beings which enable beings to embody and run eternal energy.6  This revealed code series has striking similarities to the Flower of Life metatronic design and uses multiple vesica picsis (two overlapping spheres that form eye shapes) configurations placed at specific angles to one another encircled by multiple spheres. The vesica piscis code severs naturally occurring and self-regenerating light units and creates polarized, dead-light units on the pre-subatomic level.4  The Milky Way was formed by entities utilizing this vesica piscis distorted physics code, along with other death-science physics and technologies.4  Again, the MCEO are using highly questionable information, symbols, and methods that appear to be contrary to their eternal life claims, and their followers are grounding them into their bodies.  I would question what these code mathematics are actually doing if they are comprised of multiple or singular phantom vesica picsis symbols.

The MCEO use the base-12 mathematics throughout their continued transmissions. As I stated in Part II, our semi-phantom galactic system has 11 dimensions as opposed to our original Galaxy's natural 15-dimensional structure.  The Melchizedek group seemed to have adopted this “law” of mathematics under the guise of Guardian rehabilitators to our falling system.  The MCEO use a multitude of Milky Way based phantom methodologies including prayer statements, energetic code depictions and number sequencing to portray eternal realms as if eternal energy some how follows the same patterns that phantom energy does.  The material given to E’Asha-Ashayana and shared publicly contain much mystery and questionable associations that lead one to wonder who exactly is giving her this information; it could be any number of varied intentioned entities who make up the roster of the massive MCEO-GA-AMCC collectives.  E’Asha-Ashayana provides a dutiful mouthpiece to this large group and seems to trust any amount of new information that is transmitted to her by these group members.

According to the Bible, the Melchizedek name is elusive and is thought to be God's priest, not God himself.7 Again giving these groups prime liaison position to the highlighted God figure or “Source.” The MCEO perpetuate Melchizedek directed ascension teachings and related spiritual knowledge as being truly undistorted and primal representations of actuality, going so far to use the word primal to represent certain esteemed entities in their group.   Fratar Achad’s book Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood describes the Melchizedek council, which largely agrees with the MCEO's power position they play in creation.

The Melchizedek Council is a most high truth revealing tribunal, their services and teachings are always as “unto the one eternal God.” Knowing that God's will is the only perfect will, any assignment that is given to a member or a teacher on a slightly lower plane of the great White Brotherhood always has a definite spiritual purpose. The reasons for this are to aid the various races of humanity raise their consciousness level, and to develop their perceptions of their own divine, inherent nature, (p. 7).1
The “one eternal God” is placed on an ever-standing pedestal in the MCEO material, and a mentioned task force by Achad is given to the GWB as being some how under the directive of the Melchizedek Order who seem to remain as sole liaison group between God and all others.  This could suggest lower dimensional locations within the GWB network and an alliance to the Melchizedek family.  

At the time the Voyagers Volume I book was released, the sole liaison godheads were Rishi entities representing the then God Source level known as the Yunasai. Now, the leap in recent MCEO material to earlier creation of our related krystar level known as Cosminyahas has occurred with the same sole intermediary position given to an entity liaison group known as Phims.  E’Asha-Ashayana’s team has performed baptisms and ordination ceremonies similar to mainstream religions to bond us to their preferred entity race seen as our genetic ideal who are supposedly our higher dimensional identities. Previously, the Ordination ceremony involved Rishi entities. Now, the MCEO favor the Phim genetic material as most beneficial to humanity and Earth, even going as far to say that these entities are the ones responsible for “carrying the host” of the Krysthal River for planet Earth and this galaxy.7

Entity liaisons promote a subservient hierarchy appearing in all religiously authoritative texts and channeled material.  The MCEO and affiliated AMCC are no different in their appointed Phim entities as representatives of God solely responsible for anchoring the purest of eternal energies and directing our Earth towards the best future through their agenda.   It is likely that before reincarnating into damaged systems the original entities such as Rishi and Phims held the potential to greatly assist this planet and galactic system in re-aligning to positive outcomes. But remaining focused in pure intent and integrity remains a challenge when reincarnating into systems like our Milky Way that can damage the original template integrity especially when adopting anti-Krysthal beliefs like the Law of One.  Originally in their home places I believe they do not assume all-encompassing superiority because of their advanced Krysthal consciousness. This superiority and hierarchy is a result of these entities in the AMCC and MCEO reincarnating into distorted systems like the Milky Way, which involved their adoption and adaptation into corresponding mind alterations such as the Law of One.  I have come to think that the MCEO continue their perversion and propagation distortions of oneness and Law of One hierarchies similarly promoted by the GWB-affiliated entities Jesus (Sananda and Michael) and the Buddha to assert all-knowing authority in directing people towards various collective agendas that they think are best.  My intuition leads me to wonder if the GWB possibly influenced the Melchizedek and other higher dimensional MCEO entities to adopt such laws to receive greater gains of controlling large groups under their sole directive.

Author Theresa Talea supports my intuition in her book Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods, by stating that the 13th dimensional entity group the Great White Brotherhood created the Law of One in the Wesadek system, and that the MCEO has affiliations with some GWB entities.4  Wesadek helped serve us  to rehabilitate many race lines and was a connected galactic Veca to our Milky Way during varying periods of our history.  It is now a fully phantom system; its entities including the GWB have attempted to rehabilitate digressive races in processes of assimilation and have become phantom themselves, utilizing their prime Law of One to direct energy in unnatural ways. 4

It seems the agendas of the entity Thoth are partly supported by the MCEO similar to the  Jesuses (Sananda and Michael).  Though the MCEO show their disapproval of Thoth’s past defection to their Emerald Covenant bio-regenesis mission in 22,326 BC, in Sliders 9 they encourage the work of the Buddha, who Galactic Federation scribe Handa describes as being the same entity as Thoth.2  Author Theresa Talea also reveals in her book that Thoth and the Buddha were the same entity and states that Thoth  reincarnated on Earth in the late fifth century as Prince Siddhārtha Gautama.4 Despite MCEO’s disapproval of Thoth’s past choices and defection to their bio-regensis mission in the Atlantian period, and his connection to Alpha-Omega Melchizedek death-science teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek, it seems the MCEO praise the work he did as the Buddha.  Could Thoth be playing multiple sides of agendas to his advantage?  And why hasn’t the MCEO revealed that the Buddha was Thoth?  It seems there are many interweaving agendas and secrets in the MCEO that leave much unrevealed  to the public so not to tarnish their image of divine Guardian representatives of their perfect eternal one God-Self.

A revealing excerpt from Talea’s book shows the appeal to this base-12 Law of One belief to higher dimensional entities like Thoth, Sananda, Michael, the GWB and the MCEO.

The HU-5 entities that adopted the base-12 Law of One belief from the GWB started this religion in Galaxy-2. It has also been a favorable belief to many 12th dimensional entities to have the top position of their own shortened kathara grid model, which many have believed to be true since their 12th-dimensional stargate was damaged for eons, preventing some higher dimensional awareness. What started as a fledgling religion has become solidified into a Law via migration across HU-5 and the lower dimensions of Galaxy-2 and the Milky Way. Accordingly, lower dimensional entities can carry remnants of similar religious beliefs in their ascension process to HU-5 to support this man-made Law, (p. 472).4
As described by Talea, the Law of One migrated from an originally 13th dimensional system that now is fully phantom.  Even the MCEO stated publicly that the systems Wesadek and Wesadrak fell because of using methods not recommended by Guardian Councils. 5 These methods most likely included application of Law of One beliefs and distorted energy that spread like wild-fire through those systems and resulted in more degradation.   What will be our Milky Way’s fate then be if we continue this perverse Law of One distorted application of energy?  Limited awareness due to genetic alteration from entity warring may have caused the gullibility to believe this absolutely distorted law that the MCEO declares is the only way towards meeting genuine freedom, love and joy.8

For more than five years I diligently studied and applied the MCEO's Law of One model and related spiritual growth tools following my innate desire for truth and wholeness.  While involved with this group I felt externalized and pieced together by the never-ending body parts and anatomy levels I was to acknowledge and integrate as me – never authentically feeling a sense of freedom, love or joy as they claimed. Though theatrical and enticing due to its otherworldly nature, the MCEO and human followers created a sense of dependency on speaker E’Asha-Ashayana’s abilities and her educational dispensation workshops.  I gave this group my energy, attention and devotion for five years, and I began to realize I felt dependent more than anything else.  I felt dependent not only on the speaker to this group as being the self-proclaimed main force of healing on the planet as the sole anchoring rod of the purest of eternal energies but also her GA-MCEO-AMCC entities, as well as the consistently upgraded frequencies rallied in through each workshop’s progressive, never-ending assimilation process.  I felt overall ungrounded and unsure where I truly was from my experience in the MCEO Law of One.

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