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A Buddhist Light Reception Gave me Two Implants

When I was 18, I participated in a religious meeting that gave me two ethereal implants. I was completely unaware of receiving them, but I did notice a change in my attitude that had me superficially focused on sustaining the sought after religious experience of enlightenment.

Since learning about the implants, I realized they created distance between my true voice and passion for knowledge while I became drawn into traditional Buddhism. In religion, including New Age spirituality and Buddhism, untruths are prominently shared to direct followers toward a flawed and externalized way of living. I am now standing free and independent from religion after being tugged, pulled, and swayed away from my true self-awareness.

In this article, I recount my experience to help show a bigger picture of what occurs in common spiritual practices and ceremonies. I also illuminate how religious ideology skewed my individual world view towards a “oneness”, making me more vulnerable to being manipulated by destructive and religiously minded entities.

My parents didn’t raise me under any specific religion or belief. After my parents’ divorce, my mother turned to Catholicism to find refuge for herself. I remained neutral to all religious persuasions until I was 17 and living on my own. Open to finding a refuge and sense of peace I could call my own, I began reading books on Buddhism. Intrigued by the practices and ideas geared towards attaining lasting peace, I immersed myself deeper into this religious world, certain that I had finally found a trusted resource to heal and answer my deep inner calling of discovering the truth.    

The simple peace I was searching for became attached to religious beliefs that felt in discordance with my core sense. Peace became something very far removed from its natural felt experience of harmony, freedom and stillness. Peace became synonymous with an integration of external ideas that Buddhism weaves into this emotional experience. As I began to practice meditation and the Buddhist mindset, I was inadvertently allowing external beliefs to seep in and replace my innocent sense. 

Peace is something everyone can agree to be a desirable experience. Delving deeper into Buddhist scriptures, you can find how this contemplative practice deceptively appropriates emotional experiences like peace, and attributes it to the sensation of being one with all creation, going as far to say that the individual mind, the Buddha, and all living beings are without distinction.1 As this external belief found its way into my psychology when I was only 17, my awareness became distanced from my own wisdom and inner safety. I clung to the wisdom and safety of the Buddhist religious beliefs and practices like a good follower, while my body and inner being cried out for help. Past traumas had manifested themselves in the form of depression throughout my life, and instead of moving my awareness inward to give myself the nurturing and attention I required to truly heal, I became hooked by religious brain-washing that had me externally focused on this religious world that is built upon the ideal in an ultimate homogeny.

Buddhism trained me to focus on sustaining a peaceful way of life at the cost of becoming indifferent or diminishing to all other emotional experiences and my own inner sense of being. I actively sought to experience expanding beyond me to experience all. I was after the ultimate experience of peace that Buddhism elevates as a religious experience called enlightenment. As my true emotions that once pained me subsided from my view, I clung to the promise of enlightenment that seemed to be the only way to achieve lasting peace. I decided to seek out others who also wanted this as badly as I did.

I attended my first Buddhist meeting that followed the teachings of 13th century Japanese Guru Nicherin. The Buddha’s Lotus Sutras are considered as supremely important to Nicherin and are worshipped and idolized by his followers.2 As I became brain-washed into thinking my own experience was now the same as an external belief in oneness, I began to lose all sense of self to this religion. I became another insignificant energy merging with all, as the same oneness as everything else. I walked into the meeting seeking approval, and to belong in this religious community that I gave up my very sense of self to fit into.

The meeting took place in Baltimore, Maryland, where I was attending school. In order to accommodate the dozen students attending, chairs were placed in a semi-circle, surrounding a table on which was displayed a religious alter. Upon entering the room, I was encouraged by the women leading the group to quickly take a seat, so we could begin a chanting ritual that would last 20 minutes. The meeting was shorter than I hoped, with the chanting ritual taking up most of the time. I only had a few moments to briefly greet the others who were attending the meeting.

I felt a bit strange walking into the room that seemed overflowing with energies I never experienced before. These energies were different and new to me as I stepped into my first religious arena. I was intrigued by the confidence and passion that the leader had for Buddhism. She shared that her chanting practice and immersion into the Buddhist world view had rid her of her anxiety issues. Wanting to be more confidant like the leader, I willingly participated in what was to follow, unaware of any danger that could come of it.

The leader, who went by the name Alexandra Astrea, after a female Ascended Master entity, set up the idol towards which we would direct our chanting. The idol was a scroll of the Lotus Sutras set up on display. It was all a bit strange to me.  Desperately wanting to sustain a peaceful experience and to also display a commitment to leading this religious way of life, I whole-heartedly followed the instructions. Alexandra shared the significance of being in the presence of the Lotus Sutras and how the chanting would allow us to progress forward towards the ultimate goal of enlightenment. 

Following Alexandra’s lead, I and the other attendees began to chant the phrase “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.”  The Soka Gakkai International website states, “To chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is an act of faith in the Mystic Law and in the magnitude of life’s inherent possibilities.”2 Chanting this phrase further reinforces a perceived view of reality that essentially combines all aspects of reality into one, the good and the evil as operatives of the same one principle. Buddhism combines the experience of enlightenment as dependent on ignorance and the experience of ignorance as dependent on enlightenment, similar to the ying-yang symbolism that combines two opposing forces to co-exist. Oneness, implied by Buddhism through these beliefs, regurgitates life while involving death and decay as a natural part of creation, requiring one for the other to exist. Soygal Rinpoche, a popular Buddhist master who wrote the book The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying expounds upon the processes of mastery over finite life saying that, “life and death are seen as one whole (p.11).”3 In my innocent sense, I always felt that life should not contain death as Buddhism philosophy suggested. As I chanted, I was reinforcing the discordant world view as my awareness and energies aligned externally with a religious world that is built from this Mystic Law that equates to the ever popular New Age Law of One.

As the chanting increased in momentum, I experienced new sensations both within and around my body that terrified me. My voice blended in and I continued chanting while my inner being felt frozen. An external group energy became overwhelming, and I found myself feeling as though our external actions combined to form a group oneness sensation both within and around my body. I became entranced and was removed from any conscious recollection from that moment onward. After this, I only remember lying on my apartment floor, feeling very strange. I don’t even recall walking home to my apartment.

I knew I had experienced something phenomenal. Through the new bodily sensations achieved by the efforts I made to experience enlightenment, it convinced me that this ultimate religious experience was real and attainable. I felt different lying there on my apartment floor. My awareness felt expanded outside my physical body as if heightened in an energetic alertness but dulled in a physical sense. It felt like an out of body experience, leaving me spacy and ungrounded for several hours into the evening.

According to the spiritual hierarchy in Buddhist dogma, humans have two options that seem to paradox their Mystic Law. Humans can either believe in the true teaching of the Lotus Sutra and be part of the true aspect of reality by making progress towards actualizing the experiential reality of oneness, or believe in anything other than the Mystic Law that will place them in a polarity of ignorance and not a oneness that, according to this law, transcends ignorance to integrate both ignorance and enlightenment together as the “Middle Way”. This religious dogma forces followers to join a world built upon a severe misappropriation of oneness that is reinforced during ritual and ceremonial practices, like the one I attended.

Prior to this meeting, I accredited the peaceful moments I experienced to the sensation of oneness, which further brain-washed me into this religions dogma. I began to lose sight of the fundamental difference between a belief and an emotion or sensation, as I began thinking the two were the same. The chanting literally externalized my energy and awareness to initiate me deeper into this religious world.

I would spend the next seven years chasing experiences that further instilled this prominent religious belief in being one. The body sensations left me intrigued and a desire to understand more, so I delved deeper into Buddhism, which resulted in further integration of this religious belief into my life. In my search for more religious knowledge, I eventually came across the most progressive modern-day re-packaging of Buddhism under a New Age spirituality that I have written about here

I brushed off the terror I felt before becoming entranced, when I should have paid attention to this red flag response of the body to the evil energies present. There was something going on beyond what the eye could see. As my singular identity and experience became displaced and replaced with an integration of externalized beliefs, my body construct was left helpless and vulnerable to external manipulation. Why couldn’t I remember the moments after the entrancement?  The physical sensations have been enough for me to uncover the truth of what really occurred.

I know now that I had participated in a light-body reception. I was distracted away from my bodily conscious awareness as I chanted towards the Lotus Sutras leaving me helpless and un-knowing of what was really taking place at the timeThe Ascended master entity, Astrea, within the Jesus and Alpha Omega legions, was present and called upon to further manipulate attendees’ chakras. These evil entities who appear as Gods, Masters, and Angels in religious scriptures have mastered manipulation by taking life away from itself, and seek to direct it further away from its inner connections and sense to fuel their worlds. That day, I fell victim to their manipulation.

I was an unquestioning and willing target to the implantation procedure that resulted in the two ethereal implants in my head. There were times in my life after the implantation when, I can recall just “knowing” that I had to do a certain thing or meet a certain person. I also began to experience colors swirl and moving white light energies while my eyes were closed. I connected with these energies as some prophetic revelation, unaware to question or discern the intent behind these phenomena. I instead focused on the mystical appeal that suckered me into this religious world further.

In comparing how I now experience my intuition and energetic sensitivity that can provide me a clear perception of a situation, I now see that the visionary and foretelling moments when I had the implants always felt externally influenced and seemed to direct me, in awareness, further away from myself.  I am devastated that my sincere desire for peace and healing turned into this extreme manipulation and deceit, as I fell prey to the hands of these controlling and arrogant entities. About a year after the implantation procedure, I began a journey that had me leave university early and join different religious groups.

With the assistance of a trusted team and family, the two implants have since been removed, and I am finally free from the bondage that tied me to the religious groups I once sought belonging in.  During the process of removal, I could feel a spacious quality around my head as if a subtle healing breeze of freedom and space was able to circulate in the once congested area of my energetic anatomy. I became so used to their subtle energetic presence and influence that I didn’t remember what true energetic freedom felt like. I have learned to completely shift my focus from any isolated chakra and towards my own awareness that permeates my entire being, from my deep core outward to my skin.  As a result, the colors and swirling energies have dissipated as I feel my unique awareness coming from within me, and not externally or through any isolated chakra location that religious and spiritual knowledge focus on isolating and externally activating.

Since the implants removal, I have been progressively feeling more internally aligned in my thoughts and mental processes.  I have learned to now see my innate sensitivity and passion for knowledge as my greatest strength that has led me forward towards rediscovering my true self-identity.  My sensitivity has become a unique gauge and tool, which I have learned to use to discern energies and rediscover a fortifying and sustainable knowledge base. In uncovering a deeply resonating knowledge base, I have been able to build a true and lasting self-integration that has allowed me to acknowledge and cherish what it means to be me, that includes my human construct and inner self potential. I attempted to find my true self potential externally through Buddhism and other spiritual and religious knowledge, until I finally re-discovered my fundamental nature and true self-awareness that I was really seeking.

In my own clear inner awareness, I see that as followers of religious dogma are trained through religious brainwashing to attribute their own experience to a greater force, energy, or outcome, they are methodically compelled to hand over their very essence piece by piece. As I experienced, this often starts with the mind and leads to direct infiltration of the body as an integration of religious energy occurs.

We can all choose to stand free and fully capable in our true potential. Discerning the intent and direction that religious and spiritual knowledge directs our awareness is the first step in standing free, and in this ground breaking first step, we can begin to re-claim our own lives and true potential that our personal life essence holds for us within.  We will then be able to re-discover: As Truth Stands.

1.     Nichiren. The Entity of The Mystic Law. Soka Gakkai Nichiren Buddhism Library. Web November 14, 2016.

2.     Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.  Soku Gakkai International.  [Online] November 7, 2016.

3.     Sogyal, Patrick Gaffney, and Andrew Harvey. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. San Francisco, CA: Harper San Francisco, 1992. Print.


  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. I can see myself in your story, and finding your site has confirmed for me much of what I have been feeling lately along the chaotic path of my own truth-seeking journey...seeking within is the only true path.

  2. Thank you for your article. When I´ve meditated with a very experienced teacher and in accordance to one Buddhist way I "saw" negative creatures coming towards us. The meditation was about getting a buddhist guide. It was unpleasant. Buddhism is occult, so I left Buddhism. I found another way to be peaceful and close to nature (not an other brainwashing cult like New Age).
    Many Buddhism pupils ONLY look at the "positive" sides of Buddhism. Like how to control your own thoughts and how to grow empathy. This is maybe why the pupils don´t see the backside of this philosophy/religion. There are few that can see into the unseen realm too. (Is it because they get implants during ceremonies?)
    Most religions come with some "good" ideas which are natural to people, just to gain followers. My observation is also that many of the followers always feel "less worthy" as humans. That is because they don´t manage to get a so-called Enlightenment. Unfortunately, they don´t seem to know that the Enlightenment isn´t what they expect it to be. It is not good for a human. The pupils just give away their self-awareness and identity after death. Without self-awareness, they can easer be possessed by another entity.
    Buddhism, whatever arm of the philosophy you´re studying, is just brainwashing. It´s created just to play on human´s good (and naive) sides. It´s heartbreaking how many people just follow this philosophy/ religion only because it´s a tradition. It´s better to seek peace and wisdom in oneself instead. Thank you for you homepage and Youtubechannel. Keep up the good work!


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