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Why I Left the Law of One Religion Part II

MCEO’s Buddhist and New Age Family 

My inner feelings when relating to this absolute law and model for creation made me feel confused about where I was in all of this, sometimes feeling lost in externalized projections of self.  The MCEO certainly think that the Law of One is the absolute, and in the August 2011 GA-MCEO workshop Sliders-11, a document was revealed through E’Asha-Ashayana’s entity groups that asserted a unified Core Intention/Contract said to be  held by all manifest beings that involve uniting with the then highlighted God level, or God-Seed, known as the Ah-yah Field:

One of the Core Intentions of all beings “1st Ma-Sha-ya-Hanic Cos-MA-yic Mission Contract” is to fulfill Krystic Expansion from the Core to the Outer Domains, and then to return to wholeness and unite with the Ah-yah Field through the process of organic Adashi-Return Krystar Ascension, (p. 3).1
The word unite could simply mean coming in contact with this earlier domain while retaining our sense of individuality much how you might unite by embracing a loved one after a long separation, but the GA-MCEO favor the idea of merging and uniting completely which methodically erases individual personality, structure and boundaries to become the personality structure and construct of the emphasized God or Source field.

The energetic physics perspectives of merging and uniting with earlier levels of creation, which the GA-MCEO say is really you, is described in detail in the December 2011 GA-MCEO Freedom Teachings© workshop Sliders 9.  These larger levels of supposed self that take precedence over our individual expressions are described as our God Self levels, and this term can be seen in many religious texts.  An MCEO document titled “Buddha Center States” describes what occurs once this merging process or “Bliss State” begins:

The “Bliss States” occurs when existing conscious-identity level transmutes its Dha-na-Co-HarA Karmic Template and activates the corresponding density level of the personal Kei-Ti Membrane (Dhan-Kei-Ti), allowing for “freedom from the corresponding density time-cycle” via the merger of the corresponding 12 probabilities into the “Central Bud” Buddha-state Actuality Dominion.
Embodying a “Bliss State” is characterized by release of the corresponding level of “EGO/personality/finite identity” as it expands to encompass a “state of at-one-ment/at-tune-ment with “All That Is” within that density level – the “I AM This –ALL” constitutes release of polarity, separation and return to unity for that level.  This can feel like a “mini-death” of the small/finite self/personality/ego and re-birth of the Eternal God-Self (p. 6). 2
[Important note: The GA-MCEO version of All That Is represents their Law of One idea of everything, distortion and non-distortion combined. Theresa Talea describes in her book Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods the true All That Is, The Pure Essence, which is a pure conscious essence that has no part in distortion, nor is it part of creation because it is a simple but knowing essence that precedes energetic complexity and movement. This beginning, fully eternal, non-vibrating consciousness just Is, thus being the true All That Is.]3
In the Sliders 9 workshop, this process of releasing the “finite self” and related undesirable distortions and re-birthing into the Eternal God-Self is said to be accelerated through the use of specific meditation techniques, which involve visualizing specific energies around your body as spheres and consciously transmuting or dissolving layers of separation and disharmonic particulates that block natural union with these levels said to be you.2    

It remains elusive to me why the MCEO, through their continued transmissions, consistently promote merging with spheres and gestalts outside our bodies in our semi-phantom Ecka-Veca.  Our galactic system is built with death science and have billions of years of entity manipulation to its structural integrity of planets, galaxies and thus our bodies.  Their procedures and techniques were devised after the digression of integrity as a result of the polarity dramas.2 In a sense I see that they are attempting to fix creation by meddling with the externalized distorted structures even further, making things so much more complicated than my intuition feels is necessary.

In the 2011 document “Buddha Center States,” the MCEO declares the popular phrase “I AM.” This phrase's popular usage in New Age spiritualties can be traced to the  Ascended Master Teachings religious movement founded in the 1930s by Guy Ballard; it is an offshoot of Theosophy and a major precursor to the many modern New Age spiritualties. This “’I AM’ Activity” group relates its teachings to a hierarchy of Ascended Master entities of which Jesus Christ and the Buddha are a part, both being popularly endorsed MCEO entities.  The “’I AM’ Activity” Wikipedia page states this group’s basic purpose:

The movement teaches that the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent creator God ('I AM' – Exodus 3:14) is in all of us as a spark from the Divine Flame, and that we can experience this presence, love, power and light – and its power of the Violet Consuming Flame of Divine Love – through quiet contemplation and by repeating 'affirmations' and 'decrees'. By affirming something one desires, one may cause it to happen.
The group teaches that the "Mighty I AM Presence," is God existing in and as each person's Higher Self, and that a light known as the "Violet Flame" is generated by the "I AM Presence" and may surround each person who calls forth the action of the Holy Spirit for expression of mercy or forgiveness. The group believes that by tapping into these internalized powers in accordance with the teachings of the Ascended Masters, one can use one's relationship to the "Presence" to amplify the expressions of virtue such as justice, peace, harmony, and love; and to displace or abate the expression of evil (relative absence of good) in the world; also to minimize personal difficulties in one's life.4
The utilization of the Violet color with this particular group leads me to think that its agenda is to purposely use distortions, specifically the reversed plasma-light Violet Rays of Consumption that are mentioned as the basis for an artificial plasma synthesizer that siphons energy into a fully phantom dimensionalized realm called the Deity planes.3,5 The Deity planes are home to numerous entities that claim to be God.  This is an ideal location to these entities who use false-creation mechanics to perpetuate their own livelihood, they are vampires and have created a fully vampire realm  through which to assimilate creation.

If a simple repetition of a phrase I AM can engulf one in a potentially harmful Violet Flame as the excerpt suggests, why is the MCEO stating this same phrase in their religious oneness prayers, statements and ideologies, which can be seen throughout current and past MCEO transmissions?  A popular MCEO Law of One religious prayer is the I AM Prayer seen below. I recommend grounding yourself before reading this prayer because in my experience it leaves me feeling light-headed and ungrounded in my body.

I AM a Child of the Original ONE,
I AM a Ray of the Original Sun,
I AM Wholeness, I AM Love.
I AM the Truth that Spans the Sands of Time,
I AM the Rainbow of the Very First Shine,
I AM Music, I AM Light.
Let the Light Descend Upon Me,
Guide the Way with Golden Light,
No Other God will Stand Before Me…
As I Embrace the One True life I was Born to Live…
By the Will of the Original ONE.
I AM a Face of the Original God,
I AM a Voice of the Original Sound,
I Am a Wave Upon the Ocean of Eternal Light.
I Reach My Arms Up to the Heavens, and say,
The Presence of the Ancient One
Springs Forth at My Command.
I AM one With God,
And, as I decree It, So It Is, (p. 15). 6

This prayer coming from a group who claims to desire eternal life is questionable.  It is only a slight modification to popular ideologies within Judeo-Christianity that shroud their Gods and heavens with unattainable knowing while in a human life, giving power and servitude to mysterious all-mighty God creators.  We don’t have to pray such a prayer to know where we desire to go and what creation stands to be.  To me this prayer only further makes a fanciful ungrounded belief system perpetuated in the all mysterious God figure and one’s relationship to this supposedly all powerful Source.  It oozes with subservience disguised as self-empowerment, groveling to outside omnipotent Gods.  What God or Gods are the MCEO really addressing in this prayer?  It could be any number of entities claiming this title.

The MCEO idea of re-evolution into transpersonal, transcendent identity is the point of merging with the ultimate Beginning and End—the I AM God state—which is achieved through the destruction of matter depicted as spherical structures around one’s body to realize the many faces of self that you are. This can be perceived as sun worship, which the MCEO Law of One belief utilize to depict individuals and all creation as apart of great big collective spherical sun gestalts. The same dynamic of removing polarity dynamics inherent to being in an individual body form—such as with basic electromagnetics—is applied to achieving a Bliss State or nirvanic at-one-ment experience and is perceived as the goal in Buddhism, which author David Tuffley expounds in his book The Essence of Buddhism.

The enlightened person works towards the full extinction of all clinging and craving as a way of eventually achieving Nirvana (absence of desire, or the extinguishment of the fires of greed, hatred, and delusion). They know that the price they pay for this blissful state is the extinction of the egoic self. With no ego left, there are no boundaries to the mind. The enlightened person experiencing Nirvana expands their awareness to embrace the entire world, feeling themselves to be one with all things. Their selflessness generates infinite compassion for all living creatures. Transcending the egoic self in this way is a prerequisite for escaping the cycle of re-birth, (p. 6-7).7
The MCEO perceive a singular identity as being flawed and prefer the idea of working towards releasing all separation to outside matter to know oneself as all, to become an omnipotent God-like identity following their Law of One perception of what the origin to creation must experience, which is essentially all experience. It is not really separating from outside matter, though; the objective is to become all matter in an omni-type of creation or source that we cannot fathom, and rightfully so. It is incongruous and unrealistic to assume pure, eternal energy containing non-eternal, distorted energy, for they do not have an energetic resonance.

Buddhist thought agrees with the MCEO that our only way to fulfillment and enlightenment is through a boundless experience of self.  Both group ideologies reject our innate fulfilled independence and capability in having the understanding of our surroundings while retaining our own separation and individual boundaries.

Another excerpt that has striking similarities with the God-Self terminology and the oneness concept prevalent in the MCEO teachings, New Age paradigms, and Buddhism is from a collection of channelings with the Great White Brotherhood entity group through Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Prophet.

Thus, in the law of oneness, centeredness in the Great God Self, beloved, the meditation on the principle of the One is the point of Alpha in the center that makes you victorious in the Omega of the periphery.  Then understand how the single-mindedness of your Alpha consciousness is multiplied many times over in the Omega consciousness and in time and space.  The Omegas of thy being must be equally strong as the single pillar of fire of Alpha, of the I AM THAT I AM.
And it is so.  There is no dilution, no diminution.  Beloved ones, there is no reducing of the force of that point of Light when you understand the Law of the One can produce the full intensity as many times as you have the comprehension to be able to understand and focus the immensity of this dominion and this Christ-concept I bring to you.
Centered in the Law of the One in the etheric octave and in your own Christ Self, you are sealed! – sealed from the strife of time and space.  Now you are born into physical Matter.  Now you are send forth, given the Alpha test, who says to thee, “Go be the Omega of myself everywhere in the Matter universe!”
Thus see thyself as many forms.  See thyself multiplied, the same figure at every point of the circle, but always the One – the Son of God who many become Son of man many times over on the circle of Life and again in many incarnations.  For time and space move on.  I speak, then, not only of your todays but of many yesterdays and of the golden tomorrow.
I see the point of the One when, by Omega’s assimilation of Alpha, you are prepared with sword in hand and the Book of the Law and the protection of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, symboled by the Mighty Eagle.  You are sealed in the casual body of Light.  You are one any or every pint of the circle of your being in the fullness of who you are.  You are prepared to meet they God – and thy God in manifestation as He has been distorted many times over, appearing, then, as the distortions of Omega in the earth, (p. 359).8
The use of a circle and our placement within it is mentioned in the Prophet material as well as the GA-MCEO material when describing “actuality dominions” that are represented by spheres within spheres, (p. 3).2 The concept of the Alpha and Omega represents the entire beginning and end God state that blurs time and space together into one blob of “now” energy. It is important to live in the present, but seeing the word now in this knowledge allows me to see this God-Self Oneness belief in trending Now philosophies. This simultaneous time belief is also prevalent in the GA-MCEO material in which they depict spheres within spheres that are said to represent the illusions of time and space as well as us at our more expanded energy fields of self that we are to become, again suggesting Law of One sun worship ideologies.19 The popular religious phrase I AM is also seen in the above excerpt. 

The Alpha and Omega is not just a religious term; it represents an Annunaki Priesthood that works under directive of the 13th dimensional “Great White Brotherhood” YHWH host matrix according to the MCEO.9  The YHWH matrix is confirmed by the MCEO as including phantom black hole Veca galactic systems known as Wesedrak and Wesadek.10 The MCEO often times take in fallen collectives in attempts to assist their evolution towards MCEO directed programs. Many members of these collectives handed over control of their “grids,” which included human essence and body possession scenarios, to the MCEO-GA groups in May of 2006 and thus joined “Amnesty Contracts” with the MCEO-GA collectives.11 It makes me wonder if the MCEO stepped in via this grid handover procedure to perform similar but redirected control agendas to these grids, humans and measured circumstances.

One of the most prominent entities of the Alpha and Omega group is Archangel Michael. By connecting into the heavy religious use of “Alpha and Omega” within the Bible and other religious channeled writings, it links one directly into a “bio-neurological mass mind control program run via the Alpha-Omega collective, that is literally broadcast into Earth’s airwaves.”12  Upon closer inspection, the Bible verse Revelations 22:13 reveals this entity group’s intention of appearing as our all assimilating Godhead when stating, “I AM the Alpha and Omega.”  The use of I AM in connection with Alpha and Omega may suggest another devious use of sound tones to invoke connection into certain mind control programs broadcast by these groups.  Author Theresa Talea confirms this:

By reciting the phrase ‘I AM,’ it invokes Michael’s group and Michael as its supreme ‘God’ along with giving these fallen entities praise and worship by sound vibration using language. The I AM sound tone represents and links to Alpha and Omega, which is the religious beginning and  end-all God state, (p. 476).3

Despite the MCEO’s disapproval of these fallen collectives in revealing their negative agendas, they still utilize religiously minded spiritual tools, like the I AM Prayer that can possibly give these phantom entities praise and worship, linking directly into the Alpha and Omega mind control broadcast systems and phantom energies.  Additionally, it may ignite a potentially harmful reversed Violet flame, just by recitation of this religious I AM phrase.

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