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MCEO-GA stated that our complete time matrix contains 15 large dimensions, however, they have only revealed star and planetary locations with a 12 large dimensional, kathara grid?

In Theresa Talea’s recent third edition she clarifies topics like these and other discrepancies in the MCEO-GA’s Law of One teaching. The MCEO-GA are prophesizing these gridded structures based on their base 12-point creation models that has its flaws and is revealing of their agendas. She has explained this topic a lot better and clearer than I could but I will share what I have come to understand.

I see there are a few different reasons behind their representations of a 12-point Kathara grid and why they aren’t revealing the exact locations of higher, more ethereal dimensions and their stargates. The first thing I would like to point out, the MCEO-GA has muddled galaxies, galactic structures, and timelines and also doesn’t reveal clear knowledge of the progression of splits that have been done to Earth and Milky Way from it's original Galaxy. Theresa clarifies this in her books.

Also, there is high security and protected locations of important stargates in the higher dimensions of earlier galaxies that existed before the Milky Way’s split from its original 15-dimensional structure. I sense within that when that information of higher dimensional stargate locations is relevant to my natural pathway proceeding toward higher dimensions a long time from now is when I will naturally connect with this information. It isn’t important for our knowledge at this moment to know these much, much earlier, and higher dimensional locations with our focus here on Earth in our live’s alignment with the current natural ascension process. 

I have come to see that the MCEO-GA have given erroneous Kathara grid structures that depict higher dimensions of 13,14 and 15 as encapsulating a 12-dimensional kathara grid. This isn’t a very helpful representation that only reflects this groups beliefs about creation, following their belief in the Law of One, rather than a potentially accurate diagram or map of creation. Higher dimensions do not encapsulate lower dimensions but are earlier dimensional locations in their own space and with great distances from where we are now that have helped create foundational blueprints for later creations. Also, I sense each planet and celestial structure as having their own energetic pathways and consciousness irregardless of entity mapping. In attempting to map or grid creation in the way the MCEO-GA has done is largely reflective of their agendas to control and systemize creation.

I sense a full representation of a 15-dimensional kathara grid formation would have unique growth and expansion pathways throughout each respective dimension that one group or entity may not know in its entirety. Ancient groups, well-traveled entities, and universal knowledge all could contribute to a type of “map” of a 15-dimensional Kathara grid but I don’t think it would be 100% reflective and inclusive of all possible avenues, pathways, and stargates because of creations vastness and protective measures put in place by benevolent entities protecting eternal creation. It has been made known by the MCEO-GA the relationship between a type of eternal spiral foundation energy and the development of form holding blueprints, like the Kathara grids. In this knowledge they have declared their teaching of the base 12 mathematics as representative of truly eternal energy. High technological and advanced abilities or devices would be needed to actually measure these deeper energies throughout creation and if one entity or group had accurately codified this information, I highly doubt it would be taught tied to religious knowledge (as the MCEO-GA do with their Law of One). To me this knowing alone reveals how the MCEO-GA’s kathara grids are representative more so of their beliefs and agendas, not actual factual energy depictions.

I do sense and agree a foundational structure exists as a type of form holding blueprint for galaxies and dimensions, but unique flows of energy, pathways, and structures in the natural expansion of creation of celestial formations, especially in earlier and more eternally based realms, have randomness and unique aspects and components existing in each large dimensional space. I feel representing or mapping these unique and expansive structures in a gridded diagrams can limit the reality of their unique quality inherent to Life. The MCEO-GA and many agenda groups are attempting to contain and systemize creation per their agendas and I see their grids as limiting to how creation naturally is with randomness and different components. Due to the eons of entity wars and dramas, with many more rescue missions and implanted pathway networks in our galaxy and other connected galaxies, I see that any group saying “this is the pathway of ascension” per their gridded structure is possibly showing their preferred or controlled gate networks and may not be reflective of what is natural or eternally aligned for that planet or celestial location.

A question that comes to my mind: What is natural in terms of all these pathways and networks to higher dimensions that have been created, manipulated, or misdirected, and what is beneficial for our self-growth and development as humans right now? The Earth itself and truly benevolent entities are securing the pathways that should naturally be safe for us. Unfortunately, it has been necessary for many higher dimensional and benevolent entities to involve themselves with this ascension process because of the wars that have gone on to misdirect and steal energy here. We can know and internally sense the aligned and natural pathway when we are properly shifted from external misdirects or groups trying to steer us in one direction or another.

Finally, I see the MCEO-GA continue to represent creation in a hierarchical way representative of their Law of One paradigm, instead of a way that values each component or aspect. They teach their kathara grid directly concerning their ascension teachings that favor their race lines, dramas and hierarchies only. The kathara centers depicted in their grid representations, as designated stars or planets with stargates, reveal their knowledge of particularly contested areas which they are placing in their grid to systemize their teachings. I am not sure the pathways through their depictions are entirely natural aligned pathways that are of interest to me at this time. 

Topic: Regarding the Hierarchy Groups Alhumbhra Council, Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), and Guardian Alliance - Tactics and Differences.

I have come to understand these groups more thoroughly through introspection in resonance with my higher self who actually isn’t part of them. He was involved with those groups a long time ago but not anymore. 


Through oneness aspects of their teachings that I don’t support, the MCEO, GA, and AC groups teach hive mentality and collective consciousness to more cohesively achieve their agendas, however, individual intentions and motivations from each person make up these vast groups and some individual entities sincerely want to help and join these groups to pursue that intention. Others join their missions for malevolent or self-serving reasons. 


A group ideology and untoward influence are not always obvious even to higher dimensional entities, especially when aspects of their missions are benevolent in intention to outreach and assist in some way troubled worlds and places. Some of the factual histories that the MCEO GA and AC have shared are beneficial to further our understanding in the context of being human on Earth, for this, I am generally grateful but I am equally frustrated how they have tied humans to their dramas when more often than not we individually and realistically have no part. To me, that is a devious use of facts and histories to gain more of a following.


With that said, I have come to sense that the Alhumbhra Council (AC) and MCEO probably do work together on some of their galactic missions. E’Asha has made it clear her overseers shifted their command leadership to the AC at a certain point. I see that the MCEO is more heavily religious and involved in the propagation of their hierarchical agendas in the lower dimensions. They combine their Law of One teaching with creation mechanics to further the agendas of higher dimensional entities with the pinnacle of their command being those who serve the emerald cloister. The emerald cloister may have once been more Krysthal aligned long long ago, but is now taught as a hierarchy and a kind of racial dogma that humans should aspire to through tactics of assimilation. It is based on earlier race lines and larger DNA strand count originating with the ancient "founding" races of the Milky Way and its connected original Galaxies. More DNA strands and more abilities do not equate someone to being above others or even well-intentioned. 


I see that the AC has religious slants and ideology that compliments some of the MCEO’s teachings but is somewhat different in their directives that originated long ago beyond the scope of our galactic level histories. I understand they were once more Krysthal aligned as well. The AC’s knowledge spans beyond the lower Veca structures and includes the use of advanced abilities of earlier races, with a focus on Phims. The AC originated from earlier realms and has Phim elders who are orchestrating their galactic crews, again not all cohesively in my sense as various missions contribute to their main objective of securing networks throughout our galaxy and lower dimensions which they control. I see that many of their networks and gate structures run through and include positions in worse off galaxies than the Milky Way (Andromeda and the Rainbow Matrix which I mention in a moment).


Both of these groups are vast and contain many types of races and species. The problem I see with these group organizations is that they tend toward propagation of their agendas that teach the worship of their elder race lines and abilities. They intend to spread their teachings to the masses in order to secure their groups’ superiority as best “guardians” for Earth and humanity. The AC's teachings, like the MCEO, include their creation sciences and often don’t reflect evident reality but cater to their group ideology and belief more so. They know names of actual energies, realms, and earlier frequencies but I don’t sense the connections taught through their techniques are beneficial to us, I found them to be more ungrounding and sensational.


The AC has involved themselves for a long time in our galactic affairs, and the missions that E'Asha has spoken for on their behalf in the recent years mainly direct people toward the digressive and highly religious Rainbow matrix, which has been the objective since the beginning of her public career. Some of their missions have helped bolster Earth when she spoke of Krysthal River efforts. She then would claim it was the AC, MCEO, and GA who performed these Krysthal River missions. 


It would take a lot of work and a large manuscript to go over and discern all the details of every mission to see what might be Krysthal aligned or not…Theresa has done this in her books so I always recommend looking there.


Regarding Ashayana ...she has always been a willing participant as essentially an empty mouthpiece because Ashayana is a very ancient entity and was a walk-in part of the MCEO group. Diana’s (the original human) will and body was weakened and taught to look up to these religious entities, as she essentially allowed them to take over progressively until the final walk in where she was severely weakened to the point of the body almost dying. This is when the Ashayana entity walked in. If anyone was duped it was Diana, but not really because she largely aligned with the untoward energy of these entities before her death. The things is, Ashayana has been relatively honest and open about her experiences, I think it was Amsterdam where she went into detail about this walk in experience. Like most Law of One entities, she views death in a convoluted way and teaches that their cultural tactics, like walk-in, are beneficial to a human. Which they are not...Ashayana’s defense on behalf of her performing the walk-in was that the body would have died otherwise. Essentially this is a telltale that Ashayana, and the MCEO in general, are utilizing various death mechanics to perform their agendas. 


Speculatively, I see that E’Asha (or whatever her new name and new affiliation is now) may have more recently taken over that body with her new affiliations. I am speculative about what occurred, as in possibly another walk in. To clarify further, walk-in is unnatural and essentially a type of possession where the original essence dies. It is rare and is taught and normalized in the MCEO part of their spiritual teachings. 


I recall “E’Asha” had a very different voice and energy than Ashayana that I took notice to at the workshops when she asserted her new name change, this name change occurred after several months of her body being very weakened by something which she attributed to being attacked by fatale (she openly disclosed a lot of information publicly in workshops) but I suspect her body was very weak once again and her overseeing entities did not want it to die. So…the E’Asha entity decidedly took over to give it a boost to live longer and continue speaking on her and her affiliation's behalf. The MCEO Ashayana entity may or may not have willingly been assimilated by a higher dimensional entity with more advanced abilities than her to perform her AC group agenda on Earth. That is all speculative and based on my experience of her at the workshops I attended. 

I think these entities have been so wrapped up in council driven missions and hierarchies for so long they are thoroughly convinced of the importance of their mission. In that, there is sometimes a sincerity and convincing nature to their teachings coupled with an arrogance and god complex. They think they may be helping us, but in reality, have lost sight of how to do that aligned with truly eternal energy. 


The Krysthal River host has intervened on several occasions with information but Ashayana and E’Asha continued their/her untoward affiliations. I've learned too, the Krysthal River host does not perform these types of religious agendas with speakers and channeling of information. Our natural, internal connections can connect us to them and truly benevolent energies that resonate with more pure frequencies. They also never perform astral or energy chakra manipulations like the MCEO, GA, and AC. 


About a spider and octopus matrix, I don’t know about that. I am just aware of the heavy involvement since the beginning with a Rainbow Matrix that is not eternal as they claim. There are countless species and race lines involved with their groups and who call the Rainbow matrix home.

Topic: Support of a Full 15 Dimensional Kathara Grid - Countering a 12 Point Kathara Grid and More on Kathara Templates

This is a huge topic that I feel includes realities beyond the scope of measurement, language and thus mathematics as we know it and understand it. 

Math and numbers could possibly be used to illustrate the reality of a kathara grid, but I don’t think it wouldn’t accurately reflect it. If the MCEO admitted they are using 12 to simply explain a point of symmetry in creation then this could ground the argument of 12 with 6 and 6 being equal to represent that symmetry leaving it at that. But instead the MCEO are claiming these are preferred, so called divine , “sublime”, or abundant numbers as a type of divine constant exclusive to eternal creation. This claim takes what is being said, misappropriating mathematics with belief and takes measurement beyond what it realistically is. 


I sense it is true that the formation of a healthy kathara blueprint has symmetry involved in its existence. But I feel this symmetry isn’t represented accurately in the simplistic way you presented with numbers because realistically each expanded aspect exists in relationship to other expanded and thus potentially measurable elements and particulates. These elements would be unique to each space of growth expanded from a foundational blueprint which is being called the kathara grid. 


When taking into account different dimensions, that would thus form different space or ethereal avenues for creation to exist, it is even more complex, but not haphazard. Things were eternal before they were finite and contain inherent consciousness that imparts a symmetrical order to growth. I speculate that lower dimensional spaces would appear much different in size relatively compared to higher dimensions that contain more etheric, spacious formations. Thus, measuring a supposed grid that is said to represent and contain both these lower and higher large dimensions while trying to accurately reflect this relative symmetry, I sense, would never be justified through simple mathematics or drawings. 


Consciousness and energy realities that are beyond and prior to observable measurement tools are what these foundation blueprints are consisted of. 


So with that said, a rebuttal to the existence of a healthy expanded 15-dimensional representation of a Kathara type grid by these mathematical presentations is overly simplified and I don’t think reflects the reality of these deeper energetic blueprints we are calling kathara grids. 


Based on evident reality how exactly does 15 come from 12? Where does the other 3 exist or come from?

There has got to be a foundational blueprint of 15 in a core base containing potential of energy for 15 distinctly different dimensions to expand. Which in argument of illustrating my point would be 7 lower and 7 higher large dimensions with 8 being the location of the core. These numbers are not divine, and I am also not trying to systemize them. I am simply using them to illustrate my point of a reality of a symmetrical expanse from a core blueprint (that could be a kathara grid but would really exist prior to a kathara grid). 


The MCEO have formulated their teachings around their ideal of perfection, prophesizing their base 12 mathematics to compliment their law of one belief and particular agendas. Number theory shares the belief in hierarchy and is derived from Pythagorean philosophy that seeks “perfection” through math, proclaiming mathematics as a type of “sacred” numerology.


If I go with your logic momentarily and expound the reality of a core with what I am saying, 12 still wouldn’t be eternal in that simple mathematical representation because where is the core? Where is the creation coming from? It cannot come from no where...6 and 6 would exist as equal but severed parts. I see this as a digression to my point though…


The specific numbers are largely irrelevant to my argument because the point is there is a existence of symmetrical expanse from an eternal core in the formation of any creation. This symmetry isn’t rigid and has its own space to exist. I speculate the potential for expansion contained in the core would be in a different form than its expanded creation and from what proceeded, making it uniquely separate and whole and purposeful in of itself. Also making it, again, beyond our scope of measurement.- because it isn’t yet expressed. The resultant expanded creation will have inherent energetic connections because something doesn’t come out of nothing. In this case for the argument favoring a 12-point Kathara grid while still somehow having 15 expanded large dimensional spaces your saying more comes out of less (15 coming from 12) and also two equal parts appearing from nothing, which is illogical.


The only explanation the MCEO have given to this question of 15 coming from their 12 is that somehow in an expanded kathara grid dimension 13, 14 and 15 surround the 12 pointed grid. This only reflects this groups beliefs about creation, following their belief in the Law of One of spheres within spheres as exponential fractalization, rather than a potentially accurate diagram or map of creation. They are fitting creation into what they want or think it should be. Higher dimensions do not encapsulate lower dimensions but are earlier dimensional locations in their own space and with different physics/physicality and great distances from where we are now. Higher dimensions have helped create foundational blueprints for later creations, which is possibly what the MCEO may be trying to falsely portray, but then why not surround any dimension with the prior dimensions then in this logic? So to me this is telling of agenda not a divine constant.

Also there is increasing variations depending on a galactic, universal, dimensional, planetary or entity level blueprints. What we are calling kathara grids, I sense, are a natural formation as a foundation blueprint in Ecka and Veca creational levels, prior to that are possibly waveform and more gaseous blueprints that we simply wouldn’t be able to measure or see but potentially sense.


I am not claiming to know the physics and measurements of these deeper galactic level energetic components. That is because the physics and observable sciences of these components are simply different than that of the portion of creation we are observing in our highly expanded density. To simplify and extrapolate a hope, wish and belief that one has found the “sacred” set of mathematics representative of some “divine” constant existing throughout all of creation is preposterous and simplifying creation in order to seek control. 


In higher dimensions more advanced entities, with other abilities than humans can potentially measure and codify their measurements of more natural or eternal aspects of creation. Or in our case we may be able to sense and "see" our own kathara grid. But it is seen and observed through our lens or the lens of that entity or group. Ancient groups, well-traveled entities, and their universal knowledge all could contribute to a type of “map” of a 15-dimensional galactic or universal Kathara grid but I don’t think it would be 100% reflective and inclusive of all possible avenues, pathways, and stargates because of creations vastness and protective measures put in place by benevolent entities protecting eternal creation.

Systemizing and measuring these deeper energetic components as well as claiming to know a creational components intricacies and complete structure on that scale in its entirety seems very arrogant. In reality, higher technological devices or advanced abilities of earlier entities would be needed to actually measure these deeper energy realities throughout creation. If one entity or group had accurately codified this information and taught it to humans what would their true motivation be to stream line it, systemize it as static cloned constant and teach it tied to a supposed “truth” everyone needs to accept?

Created grids and structures are more readily adhered to by masses of people if taught linked to a “sacred” cosmology and so called "divine" science that seeks to explain creation in its entirety while elevating particular hierarchies who follow this said divine science/sacred cosmology. Not one entity or group knows the measurements of all of creation as the MCEO are claiming. They know what they only know which is often narrowed and attached/influenced by belief. 

To me this alone reveals how the MCEO-GA’s kathara grids are representative more so of their agendas and beliefs, not actual factual energy depictions.


The MCEO’s diagrams that follow the base 12 mathematics is simplified and weaved throughout their teachings, creating perfectly coded, systemized, cookie cuter models of creational aspects that we are to “join” and “fit into” to join their ranks. The MCEO-GA continues to represent creation in a hierarchical way representative of their Law of One paradigm that bonds followers to their group hierarchy and actually devalues individuality. They teach their kathara grid directly concerning their ascension teachings that favor their race lines, dramas and hierarchies only.

One aspect of an agenda the MCEO are claiming through these 12 point grids is the connection of our damaged 11 dimensional Milky Way to a bridged 12th dimension. This bridge mission and connection to a 12th dimension depicted through simplified grids, again, aren't reflective of a full, eternally healthy functioning 15-dimensional universal structure that exist regardless of a bridge mission's momentary energy dynamics.

Math is a measurement tool and to proclaim a tool to be “divine” is like the rudimentary example of saying the fork I am using to eat is divine and thus requires our worship. We could probably build an entire house and community as an act of worshipping forks, using just forks, but it would be really absurd to do so when other various natural elements are available and other components of our creativity, individual preference, skill and various resources would make more sense to complete the tasks. 


My point is that it is really externalized, myopic and in my opinion irrelevant to simplify creation and boil it down to measurements and simple math. There is too much more involved…creation has life, individual consciousness and natural flow built within each individual component to expand and exist regardless of someone playing “creator” to try and measure and assert their will in some way.


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