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Beyond 2022 and Important Recommendations

Hi everyone, Alex here. It has been some time since I have shared on this website. This will be my final post as I continue onward in my personal integration journey. 


As we approach the end of 2022 and beyond, I think it is important for me to leave this blog with two links that can assist others who resonate with my articles and desire to weed out ungrounded beliefs in order to shift away from influences by entities.


First, I want to state that I have consistently directed people who contact me about various otherworldly topics to read Theresa Talea’s important 2021 third edition of her book, Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods: How an Ex-Prophet and I Left Religion and Discovered Universes Beyond and Within



Theresa has articulated clear discernment and tools through knowledge that can help us each understand the bigger picture. More importantly, her book can illuminate something more personally accessible, profound, and life-changing to assist us in discovering our individual process of natural self-integration. 


During this difficult time we are living in, there is an increased and monumental opportunity for inward growth, which should naturally have us shift away from the worldly and entity influences that plague our environment.


The first link I want to share is Theresa Talea’s new article titled “Ascension Timeline Progression After December 2022”:


In her article and book, Theresa provides a supportive and aligned understanding of the phenomenon commonly known as ascension. Personally, I have come to experience and discover that our individual will and choices have the ability to provide each of us access to a personal pathway toward more life-aligned energies.  I have also discovered this can occur without further misdirection from entity-oriented teachings or beliefs, and instead from a stable, sustainable place we have personal access to within.  


The second link is to a very important film. Theresa Talea and her mother, Linda Shapah, have completed their documentary titled "Discovering the Beginning of Pure Consciousness": 

You can also click on another link to read reviews of the film:


The authenticity and courage in sharing their intimate journey through their documentary provides important context to Theresa Talea’s existing work by sharing Theresa and Shapah’s candid and one-of-a-kind journey. The film is both an accompaniment to her large book, Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods, and a visual autobiographical work of art in itself.  The film shows us the love and hardship endured in order to discover and reveal what they have. This includes showing past prophecies and otherworldly communications to uncover agenda-driven tactics by entities wanting to control them and us on a mass scale. Ultimately, they share how they were able to reach the deepest and purest truth of the beyond. I am so happy to have seen it and grateful they shared such personal aspects of that process. 


In 2015 when I felt an inner discordance with the New Age religion of which I took part, I came across Theresa’s book, which seemed to energetically “jump” out at me in a profound sense of resonance and connection.  I paid attention to this inner prompting with her book and have since worked for years with her and her mother’s gracious assistance to un-do the religious brainwashing I had subjected myself to for many years prior. Theresa and Shapah both convey something truly special and honest that I sought through her books, articles, videos and now in this documentary film.


As a team, Theresa and Shapah have both helped me to leave religion and the limitations it posed upon me. Through Theresa’s writing, consultations, and collaborative friendship, and in working with Shapah through her services, I have gained tools of knowledge, personal insight, and discernment skills, which I have been able to apply toward my own process of self-integration. I have gained important life skills through their support, and I think anyone who watches their documentary will find increased wisdom and access to our deeper capabilities as a human race. 


Before meeting Theresa, and deeply contemplating and applying the knowledge and awareness in her beautiful writing and book, I encountered many speakers disseminating otherworldly types of information.  I was often left disappointed in difficult ways due to the controlling and illusionary tactics in which speakers of such limiting ideologies shrouded their identity behind what they taught, never really providing sensible, stable connections or tools of self development for actual growth.


Theresa reveals things differently. Her third edition book and film provide a substantial critique of religion (and the mindsets of its proponents in general) along with proper support to courageously face what we are told to believe and its negative effects (often unconsciously or unseen) on our human development.


I highly recommend watching the documentary film! I am filled with joy, a sense of freedom, and hope through what they have shared in their life affirming message.  


I want to conclude this post by saying that it does take time, support, and a resilient will to deeply unlearn what we have been programmed to believe about ourselves and what exists beyond us as if we are bystanders to our own existence.  I sense the next few years to be the most pivotal and important period to finally make those internal and external shifts in preparing for future potential and probable changes. 


I sincerely hope we can dig deeper during this time frame and take the important opportunity available to us for profound self-growth, increased awareness, and discernment. And really, I hope we can all find joy in this amazing process many of us can choose to be aligned with and participate in. 


As for me and the future of my website, over the years that I published these articles, I have received messages from people asking for further details about some of the entity-group information or externals affecting this world that I have mentioned. I now want to make a statement: I consider what I have shared on this website to be complete on my end, and I do not, at this time, foresee myself writing any further articles. My inward growth and integration process requires my full attention, and I do not want to continue discussing the intervening energies influenced by otherworldly entities and their beliefs. 


I truly appreciate the support and additional connections I have made through my website from people who similarly resonate with freedom, autonomy, and true self-discovery.  Take care.


Alex Balistreya

November 23, 2022, updated on August 27, 2023


  1. Hi Alex, not sure if you'll see this which I totally understand as I myself feel jaded by old paradigms and feel called to hermit in order to heal and discern what's going on in the external and what it is reflecting to me about my own internal world. But just wanted to quickly say, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and findings, they are very comforting to someone who feels conflicted because a lot of KS content resonates but I find similar power and dogmatic dynamics by the individuals actively propagating the organization, to the Buddhist cult that I was born into. It feels very exclusive, and opportunistic towards those who have yet to find their own internal compasses. I'm excited to look into your recommendation of Theresa's work. Anyway I just wanted to somehow let you know, your sharing is so so valuable to individuals such as myself! Much love and well wishes with your journey!

    1. Hello, I appreciate your comments and for writing me about your resonance with what I have shared. I truly hope you can continue to find increasing freedom moving forward with important tools of awareness and discernment regarding some of the difficult but important topics you mention.
      Take care! Alex Balistreya


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