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Why I Left the Law of One Religion

Part I The Many Melchizedeks and Our Galactic Origins

The Law of One belief is seen in pieces throughout most religions now on planet Earth.  To the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO) New Age group and their related intergalactic task force the Guardian Alliance (GA), the Law of One stands as the foundation to their spirit-science “Ascension” teachings dispensed to humanity through their sole spokesperson, Ashayana Deane.  For more than five years I was a devoted student to this Law of One teacher and her continued educational workshops that followed the “sacred” set of laws said to contain lessons of love, healing, and oneness.  What I found, though, while entrenched in these “sacred” sets of ideologies, were beliefs that choked me and sought to rob me of my individual wholeness in favor of merging with a higher level identity, or God entity as an ultimate goal.  Not so different from modern religions, the procedures, beliefs and practices of the MCEO often involve outside entities as our saviors and God or Source consciousness collectives that use the same mentality as gestalt theory, which believes that an organized whole is more than the sum of its parts.1  Their basic creation model strips individuality away in favor of a single and absolute perceived creation Law: being One.

Throughout the ongoing transmissions received by the GA-MCEO scribe Ashayana Deane, which largely began with her 2001 and 2002 published books Voyagers Volume 1: The Sleeping Abductees and Voyagers Volume II: The Secrets of Amenti, she has provided a plethora of information that trace our human genetic heritage, as well as a cosmological perspective, Earth and galactic history, and unified field physics dynamics.  All of her information received from the GA-MCEO fits into their affirmative belief in the Law of One, which is described in detail from an MCEO Freedom Teachings® manual called The Emerald Covenant Masters Templar Stewardship Initiative Manual:

The “Law of One”…promotes Unconditional Love, Co-nurturing and healing of all races, through the recognition that All Manifest Beings are Faces of Source Manifest.  There is only One Consciousness, Source-God, and all things and beings are living, diversified expression of that Common Identity. 
The Law of One is representative of the natural law of Universal Unified Field Physics, and Divine Creation Mechanics by which the consciousness of Source perpetually creates the experience of manifest worlds, (p. 17). 2
The basis to this law and the following creational model that the GA-MCEO place individuals as fragments to that which came before, and the only way to regain our individual wholeness involves merging with the earlier levels of creation, which this law deems as us in our fullness.  The Law of One is further illustrated in the GA-MCEO material with the utilization of graphology or codes that depict the structural likeness of creation in pictures.  Often times these graphs involve spheres within spheres that are said to reflect creation based on the belief in oneness as our ultimate goal.  The spheres within spheres are said to represent harmonics of manifestation, and the MCEO believe the same set of manifest templates reflect accurately and precisely from the microcosm to the macrocosm:  as an individual within the species, as planetary within the galactic, or as universal within the cosmic, within the Infinite and Eternal God or Source field.3

The Law of One is not only the foundational belief of the GA-MCEO but also many prevalent New Age paradigms and traditional religions.  Seeing that this law is scattered in varying forms throughout current Earthly persuasions has made me wonder where it originated and why.  Is the Law of One an absolutely balanced creational law, reflective of the original design and pure eternal means to sustain life? 

While I consistently externalized my faith and trust in the words of this teacher and her MCEO entities and guardianship as being honest descriptions of creation, my inner being told me otherwise. The Law of One was in discordance with the purity and wholeness I feel in the core of my individual being.  To uncover a possible origin point to the law that felt so uncompromising to my inner essence, I will share my findings in regards to the Law of One, which I will start with the MCEO creation story beginning many billions of years ago.

About 950 billion years ago the natural expansion of creation occurred in our original time matrix.4,5 Theresa Talea’s book Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods reveals the name of this eternal system, which is contrary to the MCEO assertion that it is the supermassive black hole galaxy of M31 Andromeda, that the MCEO call Aquinos. It has to be contrary to the similarly destructive M31 galaxy as our Milky Way, which the MCEO can agree because they describe eternal energy matter as very different to ours, and not containing black holes.6 Why would they direct us to another fragmented system? In the workshop Sliders 8 the MCEO reveal that Aquinos is actually the name of an earlier realm beyond our Ecka-Veca called an Eckasha, which they erroneously described in other material as being our 15 dimensional Ecka-Veca Universal system.7,8  These examples lead me to wonder when in the process of creation the Law of One belief was established, and show the varying sometimes contradicting information transmitted to Ashayana through her MCEO teams.  My intuition tells me that no hierarchy or religious laws were a part of the fully natural earlier societies.  I feel at this much earlier time in creation of our natural galaxies and universes, a preservation of un-tampered natural energy realities and dynamics allowed for simple eternal unfolding with no need for forced will in the form of laws or controlling manipulation of energies.

The digression from eternal energy began when entities began playing God, Creator and Guardian to manipulate and control certain specific outcomes and energetic realities 480 billion years ago.  This began to affect the consciousness and structural integrity of these entities’ consciousness and their environments and thus began the V-V (victim-victimizer) game that is still running prevalent through our immediate Universes and Galaxies, and it has resulted in phantom sciences known as death-sciences that purposefully pervert and alter natural creation dynamics.9  About 450  billion years ago  fallen races from an adjacent galactic system known as Bourgha became well-versed in V-V polarity tactics and gained access to higher dimensional locations artifically by utilizing phantom death-sciences.  These Bourgha races reached a position where they could then proceed to harness quantum from a 15th dimensional star in our original Krysthal galaxy (Note: Krysthal refers to the earliest sound tones “Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La” made by our earliest star planet called a krystar)10 to create a whole new partially distorted 15-dimensional system that can be referred to as Galaxy-2 (Galaxy-1 being our original 15-dimensional galaxy). 11  Following this tragedy, another polarity drama known as the Lyran Wars 360 to 320 billion years ago caused catastrophic destruction at the 12th dimensional level and again created a whole new, more distorted galaxy, which can be referred to as Galaxy-3 or more accurately our 11-dimensional Milky Way galaxy.11  All of these galaxies are largely pieced off of the quantum of our original Krysthal galaxy and remain in a semi-phantom state due to their energetic difference from natural structural integrity.

As a result of the digressions that endangered natural eternal creation, I think that higher dimensional entities and groups in our time matrix attempted to bring back order.  The same Bourgha races that sought to consume all of creation as a result of their digressing phantom consciousness infiltrated our Ecka (an earlier domain to our galactic domain which is known as a Veca) 25 million years ago.12  The Melchizedek entity was seeded into Ecka dimension 3 by an Ecka dimension 6 race known as the Grandeyanas.11,5  These founding MCEO entity groups became Godheads who took charge as the sole facilitators of this effort to bring back order, utilizing control tactics with the adoption of the Law of One and related religious teachings.12  Since our Krysthal Ecka’s dimensions 1-6 already endured attacks by phantom entities like the Bourhga, it can be assumed that distorted beliefs may have seeped into the minds of these founding MCEO group entities.   A tactic commonly used in the MCEO material is that of fear. Fear of not ascending or progressing to our natural fullness without adherence to this absolute law seen here in The Emerald Covenant Masters Templar Stewardship Initiative Manual.

When the Primal Law of One is not willingly honored by beings manifest in time, their creations become progressively more convoluted, until eventually they create their own self-termination in space-time, (p. 17). 2

These godhead entities such as Melchizedek (seen in the MCEO group title) have made it hard to remember the purity within each individual when their fixed laws and teachings have us externally focused in an assimilation process that they call bio-regenesis and ascension.  They purposefully make it that their set of laws, beliefs and ideologies are the ultimate way towards fulfilling one’s eternal nature and removing one’s fragmented states. 

The name Melchizedek is seen in many New Age religions and has many affiliations with spiritual and religious teachers including Ashayana Deane, known in her MCEO given name as Ashayana-Aneayhea-Kananda-Melchizedek.  In Voyagers Volume II, the Melchizedek entity gestalt is clarified as an earlier level origin to the current human genome.

The Melchizedeks of both Templar and Cloister persuasion draw their name from their original genetic affiliation to the Turaneusiam-1 sub-race Melchazedaks from Tara, whose name also denoted their genetic affiliation with the Entity gestalt Melchizedek from the realities beyond the Metagalactic Core.  There are many divergent races bearing traces of the Melchizedek lines throughout all of the Harmonic Universes.  Members of the Priesthood of Melchizedek, who specialize in dimensional ascension training are not necessarily direct members of the Melchizedek/Melchazedek race line but often work under the teaching programs of that Cloister, (p. 32). 12
The Cloister description was applied to the MCEO group title to differentiate their association with the original family line that they say all people in our Time Matrix came out of.  This Cloistered differentiation also asserts the authenticity of the MCEO’s teachings and beliefs that came before the varying fallen collectives who took and altered their information to suite specific negative agendas.13 

To share their beliefs and practices with Earthly societies, the MCEO created their CDT-Plate records 248,015 years ago, which contains their perspectives on the original, multidimensional spirit-science “Ascension” teachings said to be the “Common Source” from which all known Earthly and modern religious doctrines emerged, (p. 3).7  These Cloister-Dora-Teura-Plate libraries or CDT-Plates are 12 Silver-metallic discs  that holographically record, store and transmit data in encrypted, electromagnetic scalar-standing-wave form.7 I have a feeling the MCEO’s Law of One foundation, upon which these CDT plates are based, was created much earlier around the time when the V-V polarity dramas began, billions of years prior, as a deceptive tactic to assimilate creation further.  Assimilation is an externally focused process of absorption that the Law of One caters to and is just one of the varying V-V tactics utilized by phantom entities to perpetuate their livelihood through vampiric means.

Ashayana as speaker for the GA-MCEO has received information from these Law of One based CDT plates, which have been compiled and completed in the Freedom Teachings™ series of work from 1997-2012.  She is now working with an apparently higher level of records known as the KUmA’yah Al-Hum-Bhra Krystal Discs Series™ (the KA-Krystal Discs).  Though these Krystal Discs are said to reside on a planet in a higher, more natural domain, the Law of One religion still stands as the foundation to her material.  These Krystal Discs represent a body of information similar to the CDT-Plates but are said to contain extended history records and related advanced spiritual-science “Ascension” teachings of the M31-Andromeda/Aquinos Galaxy, which I previously revealed as being erroneous information that combines an Ecka-Veca galactic system and an earlier Eckasha.  The related information revealed by Ashayana through her teams that utilize these records still follow the same Milky Way prevalent Law of One.5

A few years after this expanded translation contract was established, a council that comprises mainly “Adashi Adept” Phim entities (beings who have completed ascension processes to earlier realms from later realms) asserted themselves to Ashayana that they were the governing council to the Krystal River: the Al-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Council of Cosminyahas (AMCC), (p. 1).7,14  The Krystal River Host (KRH) is a Tri-Matrix co-operative mission that was established over 450 billion years ago that combines pure natural energies from earlier realms known as Eckashas to lovingly extend to damaged systems like our Milky Way Ecka-Veca life-forms in order to retain our eternal life potential and connection.3  The AMCC  stated to Ashayana  that she was a Phim being with the name E’Asha, so she publicly changed her name to fit her new “upgraded” position as speaker for this group.  As I probed within myself further  to uncover if truly free and eternally flowing systems require governing bodies and laws that the AMCC assert, I have come to find out that the Krystal River Host—or more accurately its full spelling as — Krysthal River Host—mission  is not held in governance by any covenant or council but remains and will continue to remain a purely intended mission by those well-intended,  pure beings and groups extending from these eternal realms of creation.  While groups like the GA, MCEO, and AMCC claim to work with these pure energies from the KRH groups, when these eternal energies extend into our Ecka-Veca, the entity groups in our domain have their own will and agenda that does not  necessarily reflect the original extensions of the KRH that graciously and lovingly extend to our more troubled galactic system. In my opinion, the GA, MCEO, and AMCC do not reflect the gently governing but egalitarian entitiess of the sovereign, pure intended Krysthal River Host mission.

The name itself, Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order, has the word order in it, which to me confirms the initiative of this Melchizedek collective to bring back order to divergent collectives of individuals.  What better way to do this than to adopt a set of laws that boldly convince amnesiac individuals that they were once a part of One identity, and One gestalt that represented the origins of creation. The Melchizedek family claim to be the original imprint to rid ourselves of phantom distortions, but their endeavor began after they already endured attacks on their own essence that altered it away from its original template.  To heal the physics polarity and resulting unnatural use of energy from the V-V dramas 480 billion years prior, entities such as Melchizedek adopted an equally distorted model of creation in the Law of One, which revolves around control, order and laws that in my opinion do not reflect eternally sustained levels of creation, worlds and entities.

In the MCEO’s history of playing creator Gods and Guardians to mass collectives, they often times do what is referred to as “seeding” races for specific purposes that perpetuate their agendas facilitating a ground crew or task force of family to incarnate directly into troubled systems and thus control that level under their agenda.  Specifically, they take genetic material from more natural realms and through a combination of genetic procedures create whole new race lines, which reflect portions of the purer genetic race lines in the earlier realms, (p.163).5 Often times MCEO and related religious entities utilize “sacred procreative rights” that involve sexual ritual ceremonies to perpetuate race lines, (p. 103).12  This is all done manually, and under MCEO directive, and to me does not reflect the natural eternal expansion of consciousness and energies – but remains as forced, manipulative reconfiguration and combination of energies.  This contributes to the Creator God status that the MCEO propagate through their teachings.

In the MCEO material the Cloistered Melchizedeks are described as being “sticklers for detail,” and this tends to annoy the other families of Melchizedeks.  For the Cloister Melchizedeks, if something was supposed to be done a certain way, that is the way it is supposed to be done, (p. 10).”15 Though the AMCC now largely work with E’Asha-Ashayana, their information remains compatible and compliments the strict adherence to the Law of One foundation work that the MCEO revealed to her in past transmissions.  E’Asha-Ashayana and her entity teams utilize a hierarchical step-up procedure to syphon information down through the dimensions to planet Earth through their mouthpiece.  Currently they place the AMCC and related Phim entities at the top of this massive collective of councils that work through the GA and MCEO groups.16

The varying groups that work with the family gestalt known as Mechizedek are vast, of which popular New Age teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek similarly works as mouthpiece for the Alpha and Omega Order Melchizedek that formed 200,200 years ago, about 48,000 years after the formation of the MCEO CDT-Plates.17 

Drunvalo’s main teacher is disclosed throughout his books as being an entity named Thoth, who has a rich background revealed by the MCEO.  Thoth was a past MCEO speaker in 22,340 BC who was entrusted to bring oral translations of parts of one CDT-Plate during the Atlantian period.  Thoth defected in favor of the Fallen Angelic Alpha and Omega Nibiruan-Annunaki agendas (see Part 2 for more information about Alpha and Omega) and both used and distorted the MCEO teachings to further phantom death sciences.  Most all of the currently popular New Age spiritual movements are inspired by the lower dimensional Melchizedek collectives of entities who utilize the Law of One just as the MCEO do to perpetuate their agendas.18

The MCEO promote themselves as the pure group representing the God-Seed in which the human design was created through, a similar story seen in all the varying Melchizedek Orders who display their creator god status by single-handedly perpetuating our species through their respective designs.  This belief in the God-Seed follows their Law of One model in which Source is said to project itself into creation through particular specific pathways, thus fragmenting itself into smaller and smaller pieces going in sets of 12.  And for individuals to regain their wholeness they are to go back the way they came through their particular Melchizedek God-Seed and thus collect their codes and merge with their wholeness stationed at particular locations in earlier creation. 15  (This belief extends to any high-ranking entity such as Lucifer and Archangel Michael, whomever deems oneself as God.) It can be deduced that the MCEO utilize base-12 mathematics as a power tactic to show  a “healing” pathway for our  fragmented 11-dimensional Milky Way system which if reconnected to a 12th dimensional host could possibly regain its natural integrity over time. However, are their means truly healing? The line between Guardian and God is blurred with the MCEO when they attempt to achieve their agenda of rehabilitation by piecemealing  us based on a rigid and somewhat arbitrary base-12 mathematics that assimilates us with other entities and their  Law of One mentality.

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  1. The Law of One is not a religion. Your problem with it was one of your own making. Nothing is more loving than the gift of free will which Ra consistently avoids to interfere with. You got caught up in religion, not the Law of One. To call it a religion or even associate that word with the set of words, "Law of One" is almost a willful and intentional misnomer and is, in itself, a negatively biased action.

    1. Ra is the sun god aka horus (luciferian). My dear your comments are nit accurate. The author of this article figured out the truth. Well written kudos!

  2. Hi Mike,

    Beliefs, on a mass or group scale, create a framework for cult dynamics (untoward dynamics of energy between believers and their leaders in this case “Ra”) and religious programming. Your “positive” view of Ra’s channeled messages detailing this supposed “Law” of creational oneness reflects the thought adjustment, through belief, that this “Law” has over human minds.

    The fact is: the details of this law were given through controlled humans, humans in a trance left vulnerable to an external consciousness (not their own) to take them over to relay messages and allegories, and assertive, authoritarian teaching dynamics to proclaim the Law of One’s reality.

    There is a clear agenda in the Law of One’s purpose, isn’t supportive to humanity’s natural and organic sensitivities, abilities, and aligned cultivation of awareness.

    While this way of energetic relationship, where possession, blending with other-worldly consciousness, and assimilation are “normal” and “natural” to entities like Ra and his messengers, there are other ways of existence that actually aren’t in alignment or resonance with this allowance of entity control. If you aren’t open to considering a broader scope of reality beyond these authoritative teachings and entity-made creational laws, then my writing is not intended to be for you.

    To be more specific about this “Law”:

    The Law of One began as a mindset designed by other-worldly entities. Their energy manipulations that led to progressive fragmentations of not only their own consciousness but the consciousness of those they controlled/influenced led to dogma asserted in these supposed creational Laws. The Law of One is now a full-fledged creational belief with specific activities of the mind and energy as a full lifestyle in more phantom/semi-phantom areas in creation. The Law of One is a way of existence that cater to the hierarchies put forth by these ancient entity creator gods and their intent to control and manipulate genetics through indoctrination into this hierarchical belief based on fractals and control. Many countless groups now use the mindsets and energy manipulations (through the mind) instilled by this law as a way to meddle with lower-dimensional entity lives and alignments. One of those groups is led by Ra.

    1. I spent considerable time compiling more detail regarding assertions around oneness which have evolved into the entity made "Law of One". Please read here:

    2. Hi Alex, absolutely great information and raw content - is the law of one based on jewish religious principles ? Do you know why they utilize the star of david as the merkaba ? Do you know why they call the merkaba the star of david ? Who is david they reference. Im currently reading Theresas book but did not see any reference to the star of david. Would greatly appreciate a response, keep up this great work ! Thank you.

    3. Hello, thank you for your kind words and comments.

      As I explained, the Earth’s religions and belief systems are later developments than the original Law of One belief, which began in a higher and earlier dimension before humans. I have revealed this “laws” entity associations which became interfolded with many cultures in our galaxy and with particular agenda-driven groups, which I also reveal in these articles in detail.

      Theresa Talea’s book Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods traces Judaic and Christian roots to reveal the more Earthly based religious ideologies in more detail and how they connect to a bigger galactic and cosmic picture: I recommend reading her book in its entirety.

      My experience and documentation through the articles I have written is mainly through discerning the New Age side of the Law of One’s belief since this is what I experienced in my life before leaving all religion and spirituality behind.

      I recall this “Star of David” in early MCEO and GA material through Ashayana. Those groups (mainly the MCEO and their GA factions) utilized the “Star of David” as a rudimentary symbol in their early techniques related to their specific light body activations. I have come to realize their techniques are unnecessary and follow their group agendas in instilling particular markers in the fields of participants and followers of their religious ideologies and agendas.

      The MCEO and GA have related this “Star of David” to light body activation symbols, which found their way into the Jewish religious teachings. Jewish as well as the MCEO retains its Merkabah light body teachings related to angels and entity rituals which is why this has retained its David associations specifically linked to early Biblical periods of agendas divisions in MCEO agendas between the house of David and house of Solomon (these agenda divisions are complicated aspects of some MCEO biblical period agendas involving genetic lines, and of which Ashayana carried forward in her material in ways…)

      My experience and research have revealed how New Age beliefs are significantly linked in specific ways to the agendas of many MCEO factions, including Judaic and Christian entity groups.

      The reasons, meaning, and organization of symbol techniques per those hierarchy groups are complicated topics to begin explaining. They are not simple answers since they involve entity associations and their creations and beliefs attached to those symbols.

      I hope some of this can assist to answer your questions. It is not an exhaustive and complete summary since these are complicated entity driven agenda ideologies.

  3. Thank you 🙏!!! I fully resonate with your conclusions and I was searching for confirmation.

  4. Hi, I found this page when looking for A. Deane material. I’ve read her books and some workshop manuals. It does resonate for me in many respects, for example, human hidden history, kelontic science, Kathara grid, the difference between D10, D11 and D12 tree of life…especially the links between Zeta agenda and what happened in the US…everything makes more sense to me now. You have to admit the information and benefits she brought to humanity vastly outweighs the negative effects. But I can understand your concerns on hierarchy and manipulations etc, especially when the teachings were not completely free :)
    My point is: everyone, every think has something good in it. I’m not looking for a perfect savior here, just looking for the information they bring.
    If there is ONLY one creative source of this 15D matrix, I guess everything will go back to the source or somehow controlled by the source. No exceptions. Law of One or not, we are in 3D and are being manipulated big time. Anyone who cares 3D world enough to come and manipulate us, are not immune from bias.

    1. Hi Mike, nice to meet you. In writing what I have, I hope to clarify important and relevant untruths in Ashayana’s material and information and reveal the origins of her prominent influencing beliefs and entities through my articles.

      I hope that what I have written (and directed people towards) can provide some measure of new tools, through discernment and knowledge, to make a shift away from beliefs altogether (for those that want it) and assist in discovering our own life alignment and individually discovered natural capabilities beyond the control of something externally perceived or believed to have omnipotent creational power over us.

      My experience while I was directly involved with her groups for many years has provided lived support to substantiate my claims detailing and unraveling her religious agendas, which are enmeshed throughout her teachings. I would argue her information introduced many misleading agendas and a mess of imprecise associations and titles that takes more keen discernment to articulate beyond what she provides.

      Ashayana’s group associations direct one toward very specific off-planet cultures and otherworldly projects, which I began to reveal in these articles, which I have discovered are far less encompassing or relevant to us individually than claimed.

      Considering what I have written, you may experience how it can challenge popular and unopposed understandings about creation and have us face our attachment to the larger beliefs popular in our world through religious untruths of a “Source” or God paradigm. Ashayana and her groups have a more complex theology that reveals particular aspects of our reality, and they are taught connected to her preferred view of a “one” cosmic context. However, I never experienced her material as providing tools for self-growth or self-integration. It was just more entity control through the otherworldly dependence taught by her.

      Through my articles, I propose the less popular and more rewarding option of questioning, discerning, and ultimately separating our consciousness from belief systems altogether. Since I have found it is our minds and subjective beliefs that more often connect one unknowingly to the prominent entities masquerading behind the ideals and significant untruths involved in believing in a God or an all-powerful creator Source.

      Take care,
      Alex Balistreya

  5. Law of One is not a religion, just teachings: we are all ONE, that’s it. Remember, any distortion comes from the Self. Just take what resonates with you, what your intuition tells you and let everything else go.

    1. My postulate, argument, and extensive experience confirm that the Law of One is, in fact, the foundational belief component of many complex religions that the majority of entities in this galactic region hold.

      The Law of One can be defined as a religion by its preconception and belief in a cosmic heteronomous involvement with external consciousness, entities, and energies beyond oneself. To further challenge what you state, I will provide more defining characteristics that proponents of this belief often look past: the Law of One, in its religious developments, has origins that began with entities, which I have detailed. Also, I will state that this asserted creational Law and its dogmas have many holes in their basic concepts that need further examination to substantiate, which I have begun to detail in my writing on this website.

      The creational misconceptions, biases, and assertions of primordial and mentally subjective beliefs in cosmic, energetic, or physical oneness with consciousness and energies outside of oneself, I argue, limit us as a race, not actually providing real tools toward growth or self-development despite the claims made otherwise. I have discovered that this belief of cosmic and primordial oneness provides countless entity factions of ill intent and control agendas a powerful mental program to primarily prey on a fragmented entity's vulnerabilities and place them in a more controllable position within a hierarchy attuned to specific factions of otherworldly controllers. Many of these groups think they are doing good for more fragmented beings by providing these “spiritual laws” associated with the Law of One’s religions and spiritual untruths.

      Countless eugenic conquests in this galaxy have organized specific spiritualties, religions, and belief programs that, I would argue, do not reflect reality accurately but reflect entities' imagined control and preconceptions about phenomena beyond them to gain huge masses of following (and make the preyed upon entities more controllable.)
      Countless humans and entities and their groups in our galactic region hold this belief strong for many unexamined reasons. I propose deeply examining some of those control issues and reasons through my writing on this website.

      Unlike the authoritative, demanding, and empty stance many proponents of this law rigidly adhere to and argue on behalf of, my considerations are presented not as authoritative but as thoughtful developments of new awareness with substantiated experience to their developments. I offer my perspective and experience thoughtfully on this website through my writing to provide another perspective. I hope this alternative viewpoint may resonate with those who, like me, find the plethora of “teachings” of oneness off-putting for various specific reasons, which I explore in writing on this website.

    2. Hi Alex, thank you for your critical assessments on the GA, MCEO material. I have been hovering around the edges of this material since i came upon it about a year ago. My instincts were telling me that something wasn't quite right. Your writings are enough to convince me to pass on this movement.
      How much off it is actual truth? How can one really discern? Is it truth mixed with lies?
      The "LAW of ONE," your right, "LAW", if it was "ONENESS" wouldn't "The Unity of All" be a better moniker. Thanks again Alex.

    3. Hi Jaime,
      Nice to meet you. I am pleased to hear the provided writing has initiated a movement for you in new directions beyond the allure of these entity-driven teachings.

      I prefer to consciously focus on my capacities and the development of actual self-integration. In that, my primary gauge and discernment emerge from that willed focus with alignment to my living energies. I also prefer to understand the potential of harmony between resonating people, energies, and consciousness as a connective possibility, not so much fixed by an ideal of unity or its grandiose and idealistic implications.

      When questioning the “truth” of a message, my process involves critical interrogation of context. I provide much more fleshing out of the MCEO, GA, and Ashayana information’s context to provide increasing awareness for those searching. With that said, maybe you may rediscover your own process and your unique way of engaging with your innate discernment capacity.

      You are welcome, and take care,
      Alex Balistreya


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