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The Dangers of Kundalini Awakening

In my article, “Why I Left the Law of One,” oneness is described as a process of merging with different levels of consciousness or god entities. Oneness as a bodily experience is taught as the primal and ultimate experience in creation by religious and spiritual beliefs. Whether this belief has us become one with a specific entity, like Jesus, or a universal energy that is said to be omnipotent and operating behind the scenes, oneness ignores our boundaries and individuality by displacing otherworldly entities and their agendas onto us.
Kundalini awakening is a pivotal process of experiencing oneness as it opens us up and merges us with foreign energies and alien entities under the promise of achieving spiritual evolution and enlightenment. As taught in religions, especially Hinduism, Kundalini is a subtle energy that lies dormant in humans, and its activation or “awakening” brings about an ultimate union with Source, God, or the divine as participants undergo psycho-physiological chan…

Rediscovering My True Higher Self

*UPDATE November 27, 2019* 
Since the creation of this video a more in depth video has been created by my partner, Theresa Talea, explaining the higher self phenomena. Please click the image below to watch her important video:

In this video, I talk about my experience in discovering my true higher self outside of a religious or New Age conception. Within the popular spiritual and New Age ideologies, a higher self can often be any number of external entities that are claiming this title.I discuss how I experienced this disorienting belief, then how I moved away from it all together to truly rediscover the full energy I always felt within myself.This rediscovery of my own full energy is talked about and how this  began to introduce me to the deeply fulfilling eternal energy flow within my own inner layers.
I speak also of the tangible energy of Love that is accessible deep within as the foundation to our very consciousness.  I sense that while Love extends to connect and know all aspects o…

A Buddhist Light Reception Gave me Two Implants

When I was 18, I participated in a religious meeting that gave me two ethereal implants. I was completely unaware of receiving them, but I did notice a change in my attitude that had me superficially focused on sustaining the sought after religious experience of enlightenment.
Since learning about the implants, I realized they created distance between my true voice and passion for knowledge while I became drawn into traditional Buddhism. In religion, including New Age spirituality and Buddhism, untruths are prominently shared to direct followers toward a flawed and externalized way of living. I am now standing free and independent from religion after being tugged, pulled, and swayed away from my true self-awareness.
In this article, I recount my experience to help show a bigger picture of what occurs in common spiritual practices and ceremonies. I also illuminate how religious ideology skewed my individual world view towards a “oneness”, making me more vulnerable to being manipulated …